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So a few of you know, but i’m here to tell you, it is one of my goals in life to give a Ted Talk. In fact, I posted this to facebook as proclamation, something I am rare to do. It could be in a theatre, my home, or an arena, I don’t much care the format, but I wanna, and I’m gonna….The gonna part hasn’t got figured out quite yet, but I’m working on that…

Don’t get me wrong, it TERRIFIES me, but I also know often times that that which terrifies me, is also exactly what I should do. Its how I try and remind myself in procrastination mode…That which I try to find a way out of, is usually the exact direction I must face in order to feel better.  Again scared shitless…oh and I haven’t even booked anything. Yup;) oh the power of our mind. It takes me to the future where I am backstage waiting, again, about to pee my pants and forgetting my speech, but hold on a sec, thats getting out of the now. Staying in it though, I can look to these people and say man thats cool, yes I want to do it, and thank you for sharing.

Anyways, If you are ever at a loss for what to put on the tv, put on Ted. I’m so grateful my husband loves this, as we often find ourselves watching a few a week. Even if our taste in subject matter is different, what an impact the speeches have!

I’m so lucky to know and be friends with a few ted talkers, and the rest are a few that I’m super fans of that I hope to plan on meeting someday. These are the people that regardless of their topic, and sometimes also because of it, I feel compelled to share mine.

I’m providing you with a bunch of links, so if you plan on procrastinating for the day, at least I will suggest these 😉 Hey, your boss cannot get irked if you got lifesaving, groundbreaking shit happening here. Truth. And maybe just maybe there will be a little inspiration for you.

K so here’s a little synopsis of my fav’s….

SO the first three are my fearless female friends who have all graced the stages of Ted and that alone deserves a bow, but their heartfelt messages about sex, tolerance, and bias in the media, are captivating and thoughtful.

1.First off, beautiful Maureen McGrath. I’ve known Maureen through many stages of my life. She is a sex educator/expert and a wise, strong woman who has so much knowledge and thankfully isn’t afraid to share it.

2. I met Isabelle Turcotte through Yoga, yes the same class she speaks of in the talk. She is bold, powerful, and fierce. She exudes confidence and knows a thing or two about what we tolerate…

3. Then my dear friend, Erin Ireland. Who is my soul sister in animal advocacy. She is beautiful, compassionate, intelligent and a person of the animals hearts. I’m so grateful for your continued work. Here she begins the discussion of the bias in our media about food


I will finish my list with Three ted talks that will always be impactful in my life. Some you may have seen, others not.

1.Brene Brown is a visionary in compassion and the act of vulnerability. I am continually working in effort to implement more of what she preaches. Her talk is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to her work.

2. Dr Terry Wahls speaks of her natural treatment of MS. Something that hits home as a nutritionist in the making. It is people like her that make me excited about my work, how I can help, and the power of food. My dad suffered a debilitating Neuro Degenerative disease. To know we can take some steps in our own hands is such a powerful, empowering and brave experience that hopefully many can be impacted by.

3.Lastly, Ron Finley, the Gangster Gardener. You are my hero. Everything about your talk inspires me. Your creativity, your canvas, your word and your intention. I watch his video and I get tingles. I get excited. You’ll do the same. Wherever you are Ron, you are a hero. Thank you for planting seeds and letting the grow.

Peace, love, and inspiration…Kate


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