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Change:// the way we look at milk

img_1931Making a switch to Dairy alternatives can be a hard and daunting thing for many, regardless of your reason. But it may  also be a necessary step if you are struggling with lactose intolerance or a dairy allergy. It is often frustrating looking at the alternatives and feeling they do not quite compare to what you are used to. But at the end of the day, just like with anything, when you focus in on the quality of how something is made, the proof is in the…well in this instance, the milk. But sure…the pudding.

Home made almond milk is equal parts easy, and delicious as long as you have some tools.

a high powered blender

a nut milk bag

That’s it. that is pretty much all you need to get going.

I have been asked many times what my favourite variety and recipe is, and hands down…


it is Erin Irelands to die for recipe.

It is perfect on its own and the jumping off point for many mix in’s. Think Lavender Milk, Strawberry and even Chocolate milk. No nesquick need for this bish. Find it, make it, love it, repeat.

Here are some other reasons Almond milk May Do a Body Good.

It is full of Calcium! Yup, its not just milk that has this going on. So lactose intolerance and vegans rejoice, your bones are still going to be just as strong with calcium and vitamin D.

  • It aids in Heart Health: The lack of cholesterol and the powerful heart health benefits of almonds assist in heart health. Not to mention all the added vitamins and minerals such as potassium that assist in this.
  • Builds strong Muscles: Almonds contain Riboflavin that helps to accelerate the building process of muscles that impacts muscle mass. In combination with the proteins present, it helps keep your body strong
  • It can aid in weight management: Almonds have shown to be beneficial in weight management. Aside from this, just one glass is naturally much lower in calories than its dairy version which may assist people looking to cut down on their intake.
  • Improved digestion: MOST IMPORTANTLY!!!…No matter what way you cut it, if you are intolerant or allergic to dairy, you are not going to be benefitting from the nutrients present in dairy milk. So if you find yourself having or wanting to make the switch, your whole health may very well improve because your body is finally able to better absorb all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are present.

I think it is worth noting, that if Dairy is still a healthy option for you there are just some different things to look for which is a whole different topic, but if you can, try and go underground and get with the raw variety…which could take some investigating and pursuing and undercover work here in Canada. I am not here to pursue opinions on food, just to provide the facts that will ultimately help you live a healthier life. Which for me is the most important thing.

So wether you eat dairy or do not, I absolutely adore this almond milk and in fact, I treat like a luxury to have fresh jug of milk in the fridge. So, no need to go have a cow ;)…. some almonds will suffice and satisfy just as well if not more.

Almond Milk, It Does a Body Good. I couldn’t resist. This is a moustache I can get down with.


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