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/chanj/ v n… v.make or become different n.the act or instance of making or becoming different


/food/ noun… any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink, or that plants absorb in order to maintain their life and growth


/moovment/ noun… an act of changing physical location or position or having this changed


breath. eat. rest. repeat. even if we followed these “simple” rules, our lives would be much more at ease. that is however, not usually the case. the blessing and sometimes the curse, is that life is NOT that simple and really the good and the bad is what makes it fun, is what makes us, us, and shapes what we want our future to look like. so here i launched a site, but maybe i have some esplaining to do. You see what i see as the harmony in my life, are these three qualities, they are the qualities that this site is based on, that my universe spins on, and inspires me: CHANGE FOOD & MOVEMENT Such simple words and yet we confuse their meaning all to often. Just look at the very definition of what food is! Can we all say we our “food” is serving its purpose? And “change” is thought to be so daunting, to be avoided, a big shift. but honestly whose choice is that but out own? big or small, change is change. its being grateful for the rain one day, or maybe a pause for a deep breath. so to keep it simple, my goal is to cover these three areas with you and along the way you may be surprised what each of them holds. or not. but whatever the choice is yours;)

So what can you expect? Authenticity and rawness is my currency. in literal non hippy dippy abstract speak…It may be insight, it may be news, it may be just thoughts. but it WILL be healthy, it WILL be knowledge, it WILL be the kick in the inspiring ass, go get ’em tiger kind of shit. . again, those three kind of sound like change, food movement don’t you think? wink wink, do you see a trend forming? but really, every little thing you do, can trickle into a better life. this much I know.and what the sum of its parts can add up to is huge. its a trail you leave behind, and also what can guide you ahead and what others follow. its like that annoying, but not, piece of glitter that just wont leave your face after a friend sends you a glitter card in the mail.i live it, practice it and subscribe to it. oh yeah, subscribe below 😉

Promises…what it WON’T be: is average, I don’t do average and neither do you. It won’t be fake, authenticity is my currency. it won’t be anything you cannot do, haven’t done, or won’t do or are willing to hear and learn.

Every post in which we cover CHANGE

will be related to any area of our lives in which we can shift our perspective of mind. Psychology, philosophy, news, and ideas. inspiring human stories, the human spirit, and always a healthy dose of reality.

Every post in which we cover FOOD

will be related to a recipe, news, knowledge, creation, and health. facts and feasts. some good times along the way too. oh yeah, cause that is also a big part of food!! Oh I think we forgot that, or maybe its too much a part of your life. whatever the case it is such an enormous part of our emotional world. so without question we will be digging deep into a plate of that.

Every post in which we cover MOVEMENT

will be related to that shift of change we talked about, but that which occur within our physical  body as activity, ability, fitness, endurance, and community.


This WAS/IS the foundation of what heals me, what feeds me, what drives. This <-, this formula is the equation of change, food, and movement. What is it to you?

explore and choose your own adventure. I have lots in store, so check back in often and  hey, I’m glad you’re here.

This WAS/IS the foundation of what heals me, what feeds me, what drives. This <-, this formula is the equation of change, food, and movement. What is it to you?

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