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I’m a sucker for a smoothie, especially when it’s a holiday themed smoothie. Yes Pink Shirt day is a holiday. In fact it may be the only time you’ll catch me wearing pink.

I have fond memories of cinnamon hearts. Valentines, and sweetness. I took that nostalgia and channeled the love here. Do you feel it?

You can adjust this to be as cinnamony or not,  I was just running on a theme. It almost tastes a bit cotton candy-ish I think too. That’s can’t be a bad thing. Drink, nourish, love and repeat.


1 roasted beet- medium

1 small frozen banana

1 -1.5 cup almond milk

1 tsp cinnamon

1-2 Tbls Maple Syrup

Vanilla Plant Protein ( my favourite right now is Genuine Health Vegan Fermented Blend)

1tsp Coconut Oil

FOOD FACT: Cinnamon is a great add on as it aids in keeping healthy blood sugar levels and prevents those sudden spikes in blood glucose. Add it to your smoothies, cereals, or even sweet potatoes. It will help utilize those carbs in the best way possible with no crashes and sustained energy. You pack this alongside protein and you are now setting yourself up for real fuel success


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