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K, So a few weeks back we started to talk about superfoods and well, I left out maybe my most favourite superfood of all, well, for the time being. Cinnamon.

It just so happens that cinnamon is the spice du jour of the seasons approaching, so lucky for us we will probably find ways of incorporating it into your diet. However, there’s no reason not to include it any ol day of the week.

So whats so super about this spice?

The Secret to Cinnamon is in the substance within called Cinnameldehyde. It is this part of cinnamon that is responsible for the majority of its effects. There are many beneficial aspects to cinnamon, however these are the top of my list and maybe why you will want to make sure its in your grocery basket next time.

img_43961.It lowers blood sugar levels! : Cinnamon can actually decrease or delay blood glucose levels after eating by slowing down the digestion in which the immediate release of insulin would usually result. It also will increase glucose uptake by the cells so that they work more efficiently to store all excess glucose available.

2. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory: There are a plethora of antioxidants found in cinnamon. These antioxidants can act in an anti inflammatory way to decrease infection, disease and inflammation in the body. This can assist for those with:

Heart Disease

Chronic Inflammatory Diseases (joint or intestinal)



3.It Lowers Cholesterol: It has been shown to effectively lower LDL cholesterol levels in the blood (those are the bad guys) while maintaining the good HDL Levels. In some studies there was even an elevation in good HDL as well.

4. It decreases insulin resistance: This is a common condition, and it is on the rise and often a sign of further disease such as metabolic syndrome and diabetes in future years. What is it, you ask? Cinnamon has been proven to increase sensitivity to the insulin hormone, therefore being preventative to our future health.

5. It fights Infection: Cinnameldehyde and cinnamon oil act as in antimicrobial and anti viral ways. This can help with respiratory, bacterial and fungal infections.


What you need to know: When you are looking for a Cinnamon, outside of organic, you want to ensure you are looking for “true” cinnamon otherwise labelled as Ceylon Cinnamon. In most stores, cassia cinnamon is what is readily available, however cassia contains high levels of coumarin which can be harmful to the body in large doses over time. As always, quality is always key in regards to our diet.

If you Have diabetes, you should consult with your doctor or naturopath before therapeutically using cinnamon in your diet as its powerful effects of lowered blood sugar could interefere.


So whats the skinny: K, so I’m not saying sprinkle that s*%t on everything, however ,I am saying it absolutely is so one of the easiest and most beneficial and cost effective way of improving and protecting health, especially when it comes to Heart Disease, Insulin resistance, Inflammation and Infection. Which lets face it, is a huge chunk of our society. Its a great superfood to get in early in the morning as it pairs so well with breakfast and also with sweet treats which knowing what you now know, is a very good thing. So you can:

-Sprinkle it in your coffee or tea

-use it in your oatmeal or breakfast cereals

-use more in baking

-sprinkle on your lattes

-add it to your soups

-sprinkle it on your toast

I guess if Cinnamon were a spice girl, it wold fo show be Super spice

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