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CHANGE:// how we see fat

Is there any other nut more versatile? I think not. I mean with a coconut you have a bowl, a drink, a effing bra for crying out loud. And I haven’t even got started on what’s on inside. Cause mama was right, it’s on the inside that really counts.

K, so there are a million ways we could discuss the various components. But since everyone is so hot and greasy over coconut oil, let’s have at ‘er


Amazing skin! Since the introduction of coconut oil into my diet I have done the unthinkable…. I’ve cleared out my product drawer. No. I’m serious. I use nada but coconut oil to cleanse and then that’s it. Finito. Worlds smallest toiletries bag belongs to me. Internally and externally coconut oil works as an antibacterial and anti fungal and because the burden on the liver is less than other omega 6’s, you are going to have healthier looking skin.

It’s thermogenic properties. Thermogenic wha? Yeah, this is street slang for essentially increasing your metabolic function. Yes, fat can help make you thin. Coconut oil is case in point.

It’s antibacterial properties! Wether used superficially or internally you will be benefiting from antibiotic like properties that will help ward off pathogens. Struggling with candida? It acts as an anti-fungal that can help treat the beasts.

It’s gentle on your liver then those other fats. So it’s an MCT (medium chain Effin triglyceride) This means that compared to other omega 6’s the chain is shorter and smaller and therefore gets metabolized more effectively and efficiently than the rest. Our livers need a little tlc. Let’s give them some good grease 😉

It’s an SPF?! Well kinda. Don’t get my wrong. A good quality, natural sunscreen is beneficial, but topically coconut oil can screen up to 20% of the uv rays. I seriously wonder if this is because they spend so much time up in the trees suntanning all their lives. Must be nice. Way to give back though, nuts. Way to go ??

It promotes brain health. Way to go Einstein, let’s get coconuts! It can be a wonderful aid in memory and some studies have proven the benefit in Alzheimer’s treatment. Which if nothing else is amazing enough.

So eat it, drink it, grease it. I do mean in moderation of course. But truly, it’s a no brainer that you get the skinny on this fat


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