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Change :// the way we look at our food


Have you ever heard of the Doctrine of Signatures?

the whaaa?

The doctrine of signatures, dating way way way back, states that herbs and foods resembling various parts of the body can be used to treat ailments of those body parts and/or how it behaves within it environment, will likely work the same within us.

Cool right. So, why is this useful to know?

Well, it kind of gives us a cheat sheet as to what we can look for in our foods if we are wanting to improve specific organs within the body and it’s a creative way to learn about our food.

Here, let me lay it out for you

Lets look at…


img_4866Walnuts. Walnuts, have a striking similarity to brains. They look like tiny little brains, even including their skull like hard shell. The high omega 3’s are just one of the reason why they happen to assist in brain health with assist in the production of numerous neuro transmitters and overall brain function. Pretty cool right.


img_4868Carrots. Well we know now that carrots are very healthy for your eyes because of their high amounts of beta carotene and Vitamin A. But did you ever look at a carrot when it is slices into circles. It shockingly looks the human eye. The pupil, iris, everything.

img_4865-958x1024Avocado’s. I mean really, do you need a reason to eat them? But… if you are looking for another, pregnant women behold. The strength and health of the uterus is assisted by the fats in the avocados, as well as weight maintenance pre and post baby. You look at the avocado with the pit and you can see a womb. More interesting, it takes 9 months for an avocado to ripen. Coincidence? i think not.




img_4871Peanuts. Ok, well, I hope we are over any awkward stage, but peanuts are incredible in strengthening the testes. This comes from the powerful component, Arganine, which is found in peanuts and is also coincidentally the main component of viagra. Stop popping pills, and pass the peanuts I say.

vintage-ink-hand-drawn-collection-citrus-fruits-sketch-lemon-tangerine-orange-vector-tropical-plants-exotic-flowers-palm-70596416Citrus Fruits, when cut in half resemble the mammary glands of the breasts. Citrus fruits are high so many powerful antioxidants and also help drain the lymph which all aid in breast health. Studies have shown that a high level of citrus consumption is key in lowering breast cancer levels.


Tomatoes. Long known for their heart healthy benefits. That beautiful lycopene. But did you also know that the tomato has also four chambers? Similar to the heart.


Image result for sketch of sweet potatoSweet Potato. It has a shape like a pancreas. The pancreas is responsible for the balancing of blood sugar and distributing insulin. Sweet potatoes are one starchy food that does not allow that sudden rise in glucose that alters our blood sugar and then further causes it to crash later. Therefore this is a great option for lifting the burden of an overworked pancreas.
Kidney Beans. Ok, now I am giving things away. But these beautiful little kidney shaped legumes are the perfect thing to help strengthen and heal weak kidneys and maintain their health.

90c02425ce2374a06094f14ed6a3e983Maca Root. Now here’s one that is more about the way it acts in an environment. Maca is known as a potent adaptogen.It is the highest altitude crop grown in the world which seems to grown in areas where the temperature can fluctuate rapidly from forty degrees up or down, making it extremely adaptable and hence belonging to the term, adaptogen. Maca is known to improve the adaptability of people who consume it, including regulating bodily temperature, hormone and energy levels.








So you see, the list could go on and it can get quite creative and artistic. So perhaps the moral of the story is after all, that you really are what you eat. And if nothing else, maybe your grocery list got a little more artistic.



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