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A while ago I gave this to a client as a check list of what “recovery” from and eating disorder might be best aimed at. I put “recovery” in quotations because the word has never felt right to me. It is almost as if one is then defined by being in remission, as if away from the illness but still it being the backbone to existence.

As humans we have the innate ability as emotional beings to complicate life, and life with a mental illness only magnifies this. These rules were created as a check in, reset and recalibration if you need one to point you back in the right direction with, or without disorder.

Follow one, follow all, and use at your discretion. This is about you and your journey but maybe a few reminders to think about.

I got your back.

The List Of “Recovery”

  1. You are eating for happiness and improved thought. If you cannot eat for your body or your soul, you eat for your mind…that is going to work much more in your favour when it is fed.
  2. It’s just food
  3. It’s NOT just food. (just to confuse you) It’s a symbol, a healer and is information for the body.
  4. Hard days always exists. With or without an eating disorder
  5. But so do good ones
  6. Be grateful to both. Gratitide is the gateways to present moment.
  7. Speak the truth when it serves you
  8. When you struggle with thoughts, know that you can choose to shut them off. They are not you.
  9. Do. Doing leads to being
  10. Being… leads to the moment
  11. There is never any pain in the present moment, it just is
  12. Suffering is optional. No, really, it is.
  13. When all else fails, grab a tiara, a unicorn horn, or your grill. Get gangster, and magical and just. keep. going.


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