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Eating w Intention – the webinar

Wednesday September the 12th @ 5:30

Eating with Intention is

A workshop on intuitive eating created for those wanting to reengage or get curious in a different realtionship with food. Whether you have struggled with disordered eating, health issues, or just want to get back on the journey towards happiness mind, body, and soul and stray from the path of social cues, and instead redirect you back to what fuels YOU!

We will cover the stages of :

  • Examining and learning the story of how we eat, a new narrative
  • Moving towards freedom , a coming home to the body. Food for Thought
  • What is mindful eating?
  • A rewriting of rules and regaining your home… the food Manifesto

We will join in Q&A at the end for as long as questions arise.

This online workshop allows you to both be seen and interact as much or as little as you would like. IF you are more comfortable to have your video off, you are more than welcome to still join via audio.


Ever heard of Intuitive eating? Curiosity peaked? It’s sounds all the buzz right now and with good reason. There seems to be every diet on the market, but what if we have gotten away from the way of eating that best suits our needs individually for our happiness and health… our own inner coach. Sounds easy enough? Yea, unfortunately its not. Over the years we have, at the mercy of our minds and societies opinions, gotten away from knowing exactly how to eat and what our needs really are. Maybe leaving us searching for more, vulnerable and confused. If I have peaked your interest, this afternoon may be for you.

This course will be the way we begin cover:

  • what our hunger/fullness is
  • how we feed it, how we feel it
  • food as an aspect of mindfulness
  • what keeps us from acknowledging and experiencing our natural cues, natural body
  • what our food manifesto is and how it can support us

WHO it is for?

Perhaps you after apathetic from years of dieting, perhaps even recovered from disordered eating. Or maybe you are just looking for another way to connect with your food and find a happy “balance” as they call it. Whatever the case, there will be take homes that bring to life a more mindful way of eating, and that is something we could all probably use regardless of where you are at in the process of your journey.

How we will do it?

Through Mindfulness based information, science and exercise that help us understand our experience in the present moment and specifically how it can relate with food.

  • Education and theories on what and “how” intuitive eating comes to be
  • Tools to get you navigating how you relate to your food.
  • Experiential practice in a safe, fun, and compassionate environment

What this is NOT :

This is not a diet, a meal plan, or a promise, but rather a curious look in which we relate to our food and how maybe that can guide us in a more nourishing way. If you feel like it could apply to you, then join in on the conversation .

Peace, love and mindfulness… Kate

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