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Five Minutes… with Lucy Ulmer

By September 18, 2016No Comments

One of my goals when I started this site, was to engage people in inspiration. From my story, which in time I soon will share, my knowledge in nutrition, cooking, lifestyle and by including the people that continuously make an impact on the world, and in my world. We are only as great as the dreamers around us, I dare to say. I’ve always wanted to be a small fish in a big pond as to learn, grow and expand more. I also have happened to have built a beautiful network of exceptional humans, and hero’s I keep in my universe, some whom I’ve met, and some whom I haven’t… yet. Some master the mind, some the body, some its just about wanting to get real. The goal is to get personal, playful, insightful, and inspired. Figure out what someone else’s shoes feels like for 5 minutes. Maybe some comfortable, some not. The point is we need to stray from this cookie cutter ideal of whom we are not just physically, but mentally. And maybe, just maybe, spark a little imagination to give breath to something beautiful.

I call this Five Minutes…. Today with Lucy. But in truth you need less than that to right away get the sense that you are in the presence of something really really great. Its hard not to smile when you meet Lucy Ulmer. She is like an electric piece of candy that can’t stop, won’t stop, and might I add doesn’t want to stop( think pop rocks)…all with a giant smile on her face. I met Lucy almost 2 years ago at Spin Society and I have witnessed personally how this lady gives her heart and soul into a class. I’ll admit it, I’ve cried in a Lucy Ulmer class and I’m sooo not ashamed to admit it. Because you get the sense when she’s training you that she’s speaking directly to you, and whatever you are working through physically she’s going to push the light through you and break down some stuff in other places too.13935131_1064683950253516_7984167573751709955_n

This iron man, spin guru, yoga teaching, mega athlete is all but your average litigation manager . Say what? Yup she’s also a corporate construction litigation mastermind. Try saying that three times fast  The result of a childhood in Kentucky and a business life in New York city, she is this combination exemplified as two universes collided and that pretty much gave you exactly what you’d hope.. Southern charm, with strong as nails drive.

Working as spin instructor at Vancouver’s favourite, Spin Society as well as YYoga and others, she has begun to develop two passion projects Move Society, and as well Rocksteady Gym which provides therapeutic Boxing Training to those suffering with Parkinsons Disease. Something that is close to both of our hearts.

Why does Lucy Inspire me? She is the definition of not stopping until she gets what she wants. I kind of think that when she gets there, there will only be in to something else. She see’s the good and makes people smile when they are sweating out all their BS on the bike, and she cares. She actually cares!! Oh and you can tell she has fun doing it at the same time. What a combination.

It was as always is, a pleasure to sit down with Lucy and ask her some rapid fire questions that help us get a little picture of this giant and provide you with maybe more than a little motivation, this monday.










What time do you get up? 5am


What does a typical day of eating look like? breakfast- cup of coffee, yogurt w/ fruit and granola and half of a croissant or muffin; lunch- peanut butter and jelly sandwich and orange juice; right after teaching to get nutrients into my body I’ll pickup a smoothie from Body Energy Club (PB Chocolate Monkey w/ Vega Protein is my fave) or a juice from Krokodile Pear; dinner might be a homemade veggie burger or soup and salad from Tractor w/ half an avocado.  I love Indian food so that usually in the mix most weeks.  Once a week a treat from Cartems Donuts.  I love a good cup of tea with honey at night.  Lots of water with Ultima Electrolytes throughout the day.


How many hours on average do you workout a day? oh this is a loaded question and should have a warning label…. It depends if I’m training for an Ironman or Marathon but I’d say 3-4 hours of teaching and maybe 1-2 of training.


First thing you do when you wake up? hug my dog and give my husband a kiss because I’m up before them


Whats your favourite quality of yourself? I’m an optimist (I live with the glass half full)


Favourite body part? legs for running and spinning


Least favourite body part? my weak right ankle (the one I had surgery on last year)


If you were a pizza what kind would you be? #swag from The Parlour


Least favourite food? meat (I’m a vegetarian)


If you drink…drink  of choice? a glass of Pinot Noir


Happy place? Spin Society


Something most people don’t know about you? I played the piccolo and flute in the University of Miami Marching Band


Favourite book? Always Looking Up: The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist by Michael J. Fox


What movie could you have on repeat? The Holiday


Favourite athlete? my dad, he taught me how to play sports


Power song:  Heaven by Emeli Sande(check out her spotify account here) listening this song as I’m typing this out, thank you lucy


First album : New Kids on the Block


If you could only keep one album? Odessza In return


Whats your favourite curse word? I don’t curse


Dinner party 6 Guests dead or alive, who would they be? Mom, Dad, Sister, Husband, and the two guys from Odessza


Guilty Pleasure: Cartems Donuts (peanut butter and jelly)


One food for the rest of your life: Donuts preferably peanut butter and jelly flavour


Who or what is your inspiration? My mom


Next Goals? Open a permanent house for Move Society and do another Iron Man. Also press up into a handstand. 


What do you do on a day off? I don’t take a day off. Life’s too short. I don’t want to waste any time.

I couldn’t agree more, Lucy. I couldn’t agree more. You are an inspiration to me and so many others. Motivation Monday just got a major shot of good vibes, high energy, and beautiful movement.


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