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unnamedNo joke, I am literally laying here in bed and thinking what is most relevant to the ones I love right now…what do they want to know? and truth is, everyone is run ragged and is fighting this horrible flu/cold that has been just hanging on for dear life in ever. possible. corner. I’m not quite sure how I’ve escaped it so far. I feel like the gladiator walking through clouds of bacteria being sneezed from every which direction. You feel me?

So wether its right now, or you want to boost your chances of fighting one off, lets get into the nitty gritty. These are things to consider at all times to really get a fighting chance…

The A, B, C’s and D:

A.First and foremost, when we are thinking of the immune system which is our defence against harmful invaders, we have to make sure that this defence system is densely and strongly populated. So no better place to start than our own soldiers…our HEALTHY BACTERIA! We have become an over sanitized nation. From hand sani (which I am still working on) to antibiotic use for the common cold, we are flushing out our natural defences that really we need to keep in our favour in order to handle these bugs. Don’t you fin it interesting that these viruses keep getting stronger and stronger? So what can you do? Let’s start with some basics…

  1. Limit or cut out your sugar intake
  2. Repopulate your good bacteria, with Probiotics and Fermented Foods
  3. Eat more whole foods. Not at Whole foods, but real, solid, food.

B.Include foods in our diet that are ANTIMICROBIALS. These are foods that naturally are going to boost your immune system in the face of a flu/cold and prep your body to fight when one tries to invade

  1. Garlic
  2. Onions
  3. Honey…specifically Manuka honey
  4. Coconut Oil
  5. Fermented Foods

C.You’ve heard it before…HYDRATION. As a preventive and therapeutic measure. Know why? Your mucous membranes need to stay properly hydrated in order to protect your body from pathogens entering. Ever wonder why you get sick after travelling on an airplane? Guess no more, this is a huge factor! Not only this, but it also helps flush the toxins out of your system. We want the cells moving through your body like a water slide, not like a, well, the opposite of whatever that would be. A log jam?

D.Include SUPERFOODS. There are too many to name but when I think of a real superfood that works on so many levels of immune boosting, I reach for MUSHROOMS. These mysterious creatures of the forrest may be at the forefront of medicine in the future, and no doubt it is because of their incredible healing powers. You could go for a tincture, tea, or powder supplement. Sorry, a portobello burger isn’t what I am talking about. I love the brand Harmonic Arts and they carry a variety of products, but even your health food store will have some immune complex on hand that includes reishi mushroom or a combination of.


K, you’re in the thick of it, its emergency time and you’re feeling the sick. My go to’s

  1. Zinc Lozenges with elderberry. avail @ whole foods
  2. Oil of oregano
  3. Black Garlic
  4. Wellness shot Ginger, Tumeric, Apple Cider Vinegar, Cayenne, Lemon you can add Echinacea too if at the beginning of symptoms
  5. Slippery Elm lozenges for sore throat or Slippery Elm or Marshmallow root Tea

Non supplemental tricks

  1. Steams. Drop some eucalyptus in the shower or inhale some peppermint oil. Open up the airways and also create a nice anti bacterial steam.
  2. Dry Brushing – This is helping to stimulate the lymphatic system. Ever wonder why you feel surprisingly better when you get up and out of bed when you’ve been feeling rough? Your body’s drainage system work on a muscular pump, and in order to get things moving out, you sometimes need to get them moving. Dry brushing does just that. Curious about dry brushing? You can read more here.
  3. Some movement is ok, but make sure not to over exert because a) you are only going to dehydrate and strain your resources further and b) most likely get more people sick as well.
  4. Gargle with diluted Apple Cider Vinegar
  5. Oil Pulling. This has been shown to help with drainage and congestion which will alleviate some of those nasty symptoms.

A combination of any and all of these tools is absolutely in store at the start or during your cold/flu. Its no time to go rogue on your eating. Its time to dial it in and get on top of things. You never know what new habits might be made.


in health, and peace




  • Carolyn says:

    As someone with a wealth of knowledge and experience in nutrition and wellness, do you have any insight of how to manage IBS? (Sorry, I know I am on a completely different topic!)

    • katehorsman says:

      Hi Carolyn,

      Thank you for your question! And it’s a great one as so many people are diagnosed with IBS these days with no real information on how to improve symptoms. Unfortunately it’s not a quick answer. I am going to write more about IBS soon, however if you want to chat more in the meantime you can always email me at kate@katehorsman.com . All the best

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