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It’s interesting, we feel like we must reserve the term “Athlete” for those that do this as solely as a profession. However I and so many I know, train hard, long, not always, but a lot, and at the end of the day, yeah we sure are athletes. Are you?

What’s holding you back?

I could tell you the benefits. You know them. I could tell you how it can change you. You know this already, too. Maybe what it is we are looking for is a little inspiration. Maybe we don’t look there enough and just get MOVING…

Some of you know, and some not, that movement and exercise started young, and hard for me. We had a tumultuous past, and a heroic love story. I believe that my body was meant to move. All of ours are. Some in more exceptional ways, but that really has nothing to do with it.

I can say now that becoming an Athlete AGAIN, has been so rewarding, fulfilling and healthy for my mind body and soul, that quite honestly it is a part of my identity. I am quite alright with this. It keeps me in check, pushes me, challenges me. It teaches me.

I’m going to start a little series on my exercise, what it is, why it is, and what it does starting next week. But if we are going to kick things off… let’s start from the beginning. With a little inspiration.

img_3124He’s someone I only came across recently. I don’t know what took so long, but regardless, it’s stuff like this that keeps me moving…

Meet Rich Roll. Oh you know him already. Good! YOu should. He’s an inspiring Plant Powered Ultra. He does it all. Runs, Swims, Bikes, and creating and completing some of the most challenging courses in the world, oh and he’s plant powered. Oh, one more thing, he only took this up near his 40th birthday. Thats right, you know the saying its never to late to start a new habit. Well case in point.

Daunted by his future nearing his 40th birthday as he faced a flight of stairs out of breath, he took this as invitation to change things. Along with his nutritionist wife, and a ton of dedication, Rich transformed his body to be one of the most incredible athletes in the world today. And no, he does not claim to be an athlete before. he swam on team in college but life took him astray afterwards until he found his fuel and flourished by abandoning and rebelling against mid life.

I don’t want to be Rich, I want to be me, but he’s one hell of a good example of the body’s ability to make change, thrive, and adapt at any point in time given the right tools to grow. Oh…you have those too. If you want to learn more about Rich, listen to his podcasts or see his books, you can do so here I highly recommend it.

 Here are Rich’s Top 5 tips for turning Inspiration into action

img_31231. The power of the pen: When the spark is lit, stop everything, put pen to paper and actually write out (don’t type!) the personal change you wish to actualize. The power of this exercise cannot be overstated.

2. Goals—get specific: Vague notions of someday learning how to play the guitar, “get fit” or work on your stand-up comedy act don’t cut it. Take the time to devise a detailed road map peppered with interim milestones. Then get off your butt and execute it. Holding yourself accountable to others can help keep you on track.

3. Don’t overthink it—just begin: What are you waiting for? Stop deliberating—inaction is an affront to inspiration. Begin immediately, even if it just means making one phone call, going out for a 10-minute jog, or declining one dessert. Baby steps, taken indefatigably over a protracted period of time, move mountains. Consistency is to be respected and never underestimated.

4. One day at a time: Fall off the wagon? So what? None of us is perfect. Let it go and move forward. Dwell on a misstep and you have made a second mistake that can take you permanently out of the game. Just let it go and take the next right action.

5. Journey orientation: It’s easy to get discouraged by the implausibility of your dream. So forget about it. Instead, stay present in the moment of your new journey. Rather than obsess on what it will be like to cross the marathon finish line or how you will look in that bikini next summer, embrace the joy of traveling unchartered waters.

“Tread this path with passion, commitment, purpose and integrity — irrespective of knowing your specific destination or how exactly you will get there — and you will soon realize, as I have on countless occasions, that the universe will conspire to support your dream in amazing and unpredictable ways—I guarantee it.” -Rich Roll

K… So was that inspiration enough? Wanna chat more?

I will be part of a Fuelling Local Series with BE FRESH Market, SPUD.ca and an incredible panel of wellness experts as we help you

Harness your Inner Athlete. Fitness/Discussion/Eats

This is a free even, that requires registration and spots are filling fast.

When: Sunday Feb 26th @ 5:15 -8:30

Who: In collaborations with Myself, Dr Genieve Burley Howes, and Linda Wong and Vancouver Running Co

Sign up through myself at kate@katehorsman.com or lauradarcy@befresh.ca





5:15 PM – 8:30 PM

Encouraged sign ups in-store or at befresh.ca



OPTIONAL 5k + 8k RUN Meet at The Running Co. at 5:15pm (Lead by The Running Co.)

WELLNESS PANEL DISCUSSION at 6:30pm (At Be Fresh Cypress)


Holistic Nutritionalist Chef, Professional Counsellor & Wellness Expert

Dr. Genieve Burley

Chiropractor Yoga Instructor

Wong Community Builder, Event Producer Avid Runner


Evening Includes:

Educational Takeaways / Goodie-Bags Be Fresh Catering / Energizing Eats Empowering Dialogue
Community Fitness Component

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