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It finally feels like its here…spring.


Yes that limited edition we have been waiting for. There is nothing like looking to nature to lend a hand to understand what our bodies need. Often its simplicity, deep cleaning, and growth…physically, emotionally and mentally. We don’t call it spring cleaning for nothing.


I took over The Juicery Co’s Instagram this weekend to spend a little bit of time with everyone speaking of health, nutrition, growth and new beginnings. This is something I am all about. I was inspired by the fresh snow peas, and watermelon radishes that decorate our produce isles and plates this time of year, and there is a reason why.


Radishes especially, are wonderfully bitter veg, this means they help stimulate our digestive function and bile flow. This is a necessary part of cleansing and cleaning and optimal health, which is why it is in line with seasonal eating. Problem is, they don’t always tempt everyones tastebuds. So, we let the palette guide us, season it up a bit with some favourite seasonaings, and suddenly it becomes the star attraction.

This dish is easy, sexy, and nourishing from cell to skin, and beyond


Happy eating….



4 Handfuls fresh snow peas

3 watermelon radishes

Olive Oil.. (my fav is butter olive oil from Vancouver Olive Oil Co)

Coconut Vinegar (Vancouver Olive Oil has a delicious one as well )

1/4 cup Walnuts

1 tsp himalayan salt w/ 1/2 tsp herb crushed (I used Lavender, rosemary)


Easy Pea’sy…

Lightly steam your snow peas. Cool and drain for a few moments in the collander.


Thinly slice your radishes, I use a mandolin, but a sharp knife will do. Again lightly steam your radishes, only 2-3 minutes. You still want a crunch. Add to the colander and let cool as well.

Toss in your Olive Oil first and lightly coat, then your vinegar.

Plate your veg and a visually appealing way, remember we cater to all senses.

Top with your crushed walnuts, and herb infused salt.


Bon Appetit.

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