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Kate is a Nutritionist RHN and food counsellor in Vancouver BC. She is passionate about being able to help people discover the power of food and its key to wellness in a happy, meaningful and healthy life, using food as a conduit to larger conversations.

Kates education through both Nutrition, and as a Professional Counselling (VCCT) Mindfulness (MBSR) and Plant based science (Cornell) meld the bridge between the mind/body connection which lends to her specialization in Eating Disorders, Mental Illness, Women health and Plant based living. Using food and the brain as a medium for change.

Her training is vast but not nearly as extensive the life lessons she attributes for both finding her purpose, success and healing herself and others.She credits a diverse life that has lead her to a depth of understanding that engages clients in creative, compassionate and meaningful change.

Kate continues to challenge her mind by educating herself in different modalities all the time to be able to offer her clients a comprehensive and holistic look at restoring and regaining health and the self. No two people are alike, and being able to offer a comprehensive and unique approach to wellness is something that she sees working in the day to day lives of her clients.

Kate works with a variety of clients from private practice to workshop and retreat. She specializes in Women’s Health, Body Image/Eating Disorders, Plant Based Nutrition and Athletics.


Some of Kate’s Education and Expertise:

Professional Counselor –Specialized Training in Eating Disorders
Canadian School of Natural Nutrition
Cornell Plant Based Studies
Herbal Pharmacology
Raw Plant Based Chef
MBSR – Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Kate is also a lululemon ambassador bringing wellness and nutrition to the community


Kate Horsman

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