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Wait for it… We have another holiday to celebrate people. We got international yoga day today. which is for me, unarguably more important than vanilla milkshakes, but it just so happens they are back to back. So hooray for us

I’n not going to tell you why yoga, or even why for me. I am just going to write out my love for all the world to see…

IMG_7684I never knew what a role you would play in my life. You are the reason I get up before 6am everyday. The reason I stand on my head at any opportunity. The calm in any storm and the friend I didn’t know I had. Make you wanna barf yet? Maybe? But here’s the thing, it is the absolute fucking truth. I found more of myself working daily on a piece of mat ” x ” than I ever could have imagined or even wanted to. My teachers, may you know you are such a big part of this. I waded through classes with tears pouring down my face when I didn’t know what to do, I smiled when I saw my new yoga friend, I laughed at myself when I fell ass sideways in…any posture. But I kept going. I haven’t actually gotten “off the mat” since October. Is that like being on the wagon? I think so. And the thing is, I may have goals in mind yet to have been reached, but regardless when those are met, and they will be, I am still never planning on getting off. This is a prayer of being. So this is an ode to you, yoga. Muthafuckin cheers to you for hanging in there with me. For giving me people like Jody, and Julie and Katherine and Amy….These are just a few. For giving me the room to breath. Inspiration and expiration is another term for breathing. Don’t you find that fascinating? Think about it. I will do too. K, so yoga, you took me back last year, as I used you just as a play thing previously, and you let me build my foundation to the castle I get to live in today.  I literally dragged myself into class one day(which i will write about another time)with no expectations, just a clean slate and started from scratch. Maybe this sounds hokey you guys, but I don’t even really care. Cause this is my love letter to yoga, and it deserves it. a lot.


face down asana up


This is a prayer of being. So this is an ode to you, yoga. Muthafuckin cheers to you for hanging in there with me.

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