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Change: How we view meditation


See what I did there? yeah. cause you know what?

there is no way I could ever say meditation for dummies because if you have chosen to try meditation, you are a motha effing genius and have just made one of the smartest decisions in your life.

Not only will you feel better, think better, and do better, but now there is truly so much incredible research backing up and proving the visible changes in brain matter from the “simple” act of meditation.

Ok, so this is such a huge topic. And I think there are so many places to go with it. But for now, lets start with the base of what meditation REALLY is. Why? Well, cause it needs to be demystified, simplified and funkdafied. I recently heard on a Tony Robbins video, where mediation came up and he said how he struggled with it and quite frankly didn’t want to stop thinking and furthermore, who would?  So lets stop right there. Btw, Tony is great, this is NOT a slag on him, I just think its a great reference to make for example as he is an incredibly evolved person on the constant pursuit of betterment and perhaps even he has a misconception in what meditation actually is. So if he does, maybe some of us do too, right?

If I was to say the one statement that I hear the most after someone learns I meditate, it would be “but I don’t know how to shut off my mind” or “my mind won’t shut up, I have too much to think about” which brings me to…

Number one misconception…

You have to have an empty mind.


This has got to be the primary reason people either do not continue, or even begin a meditation practice to start with. This is absolutely inaccurate. Simply put, we ARE trying to quiet the mind, but very few individuals have ever been able to empty their mind of thought. Including his holiness. The key is to acknowledge the thought, and let it move on. And you finding the space in between the thoughts even for a millisecond, is a win for meditation. Yes, the goal is a clearer mind, but it is not necessarily a possibility for everyone on this planet. But that doesn’t mean that some clearing, some space, cannot bring you immense amounts of peace, health and happiness.

Research has now proven that even just minutes a day can change your brain matter. Ideally 20 minutes of meditation is what studies have shown to receive therapeutic benefit, however, to not do any at all because you don’t have 20, is not a good strategy. So you do what you can, with what you have. And if it is a reasonable enough of a commitment that you will stick to, then you WILL see the benefitIMG_8497Does it take time?…absolutely. But once you hit that sweet spot. yeah, you get it. Then you build, or not, but you will feel something.


Second most common misconception

You have to be still

You absolutely do NOT have to be still! There are so many types of ways to meditate, and seated in stillness is one for sure. But there’s also laying down, walking, movement etc. The goal is to be mindfully present of the very moment. What does this mean? It could be washing a vegetable. It could be eating your meal. An immersed experience of full awareness. It actually can be trippy and surreal feeling. But again, getting into the present moment, and the sensations that comes with it, how something feels, tastes, smells, sounds etc… this can be a liberation from your anxiety. This is meditation. This is an alternate route from you paving a superhero speedway to the past, or to the future where exit signs read, crazy town next right. It sits right now in the moment, and in that moment, again it is that “space” that we are ultimately seeking. It is so still. It is so. much. yes.

K, space cadets engage. Onwards and upwards. First stop, enlightenment 😉 or at least a bit less stress…

Ps. It is always a work in progress. You may go through stages, waxes and wanes. But give it a try! They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, and see results. Try and remember that if you give this a go. What do you think? should we do a 21 day challenge down the line? I still struggle with bringing myself to daily meditation even though I love its effects. I bring it into movement, into yoga, into seat etc. There’s so much room for so much space 😉 k, what do you say? Let me know and I can plan something up…

up next week i’ll introduce you to some of my favourite techniques, resources, apps and more that help get your mediation game on good.

peace soul siblings


if you have chosen to try meditation, you are a motha effing genius and have just made one of the smartest decisions in your life.

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