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Wait what? The plant life goes mainstream. Oh yes. Oh yes it does.

Wanna whip up something that’ll have them guessing, hits the spot, and is damn nourishing? Well I gots it for you.

I have always been a nacho girl. If you asked me what my two favourite foods were, I would probably say nacho’s and spaghetti. Though the later hasn’t really tickled my fancy lately. But a chip, a cheese, and some guac and salsa. I mean what more do you want?

This nacho sauce is more of a queso, but you are more than able to double up the goodness with a helping of shredded veg cheese (my favourite is Earth Island) for that OG gooeyness that comes with the classic.

Filled with Fiber, good fats, and fun factor.

Since this is predominantly a corn based recipe, remember that looking for an organic product is really key. Corn continues to be one of the largest GMO crops out there. Fortunate for us there are so many great ones, even local too… like Que Pasa

Queso recipe inspired by Dana the amazing MINIMALIST BAKER!


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