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Enough is enough guys. Lets take a stand to stand down.

Your challenge if you choose to accept it… To step off the scale for one month and step into yourself

What was once a measure used to understand health and wellness has now taken on addictive traits of unrealistic proportions.

I was so inspired by the movement created by Movember and the other initiatives that bring about looking at health and wellness through a dare I say a trend which generated a buzz, accountability and information sharing. And so one sleepless night, after thinking of ways in which I could empower the community and population I specifically support, the scale blazed bright in my head, and for once in a beautiful and shiny new way. I was going to call upon you all to ditch the numbers and the scales for the duration of the month and join awareness in body image, health at every size and eating disorder awareness in which specifically the scale becomes a big part of the puzzle.

I haven’t gotten on my scale in years, and although many voiced their abandon of it too, I know there are many of you that do and you need not feel ashamed.  Be it weekly, daily, or even hourly, check in with the scale to track how you are doing seems much more normal than what some of you might imagine. It’s uncomfortable to try something new. To experience ourselves without something tangible to hold as a marker of value to who we are, or rather, who we are not. This is not about weight loss, gain, or maintenance, but rather an experience in feeling what any of these things are like without a shitty piece of plastic to tell us and maybe start talking about it instead!!

SO, stand with me. With your friends. Man, woman, children alike.

Reach out for support. Share in experience and empowerment. You have nothing to lose, and so much more to gain than just a number.

I will be checking in with my Instagram community as we follow along this month. In addition I will be providing information, facts, and a possibility to share our successes and failure at the end of the month. So, shall we?


Lets get started



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