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Change: how you examine your views

Ever since I was a little girl, I connected with Kermit the frog. This connection was solidified to me when my dad gave me a book of Kermit quotes titled after his famous song, Its not easy being green. It was not only a moment in time where I felt maybe he understood me, but more importantly I felt ok for being different. I was 30. Just kidding. But I was a teenager and there was a ton of shit going on and I needed to know this….IMG_7941

Years later I now would have never imagined in which the ways, those 5 words, it’s not easy being green, would come to play out in my life at different times, and different purposes. Looking at that phrase through a kaleidoscope I see so many things. I see something unique, I see a love for a planet, I see compassion, I see mother earth, I see plants, I see growth and something new. These are all parts of the word green. They are all parts of me now too.

So, one thing I feel really important to say is, my differences, my choices, are not always going to be yours. And I certainly never want anyone to feel otherwise. So if we are talking green in how it relates to food or being plant based, I have my views. I have my opinions, some which I may educate you on, others not. Because precisely like how I related to being green, its about being different, and that should be a celebrated unique thing, not a punishment or a label. I do not seek out a award for being vegan, nor do I give them out. I know it is what works for me, and maybe it will for you too. But the only way in which you know where you are meant to be is how you find health, information, peace and love. I am one hundred percent serious. As a nutritionist, it will be my job to look at and advise people of how best to improve upon there life by way of food and supplements, this means having an open and willing mind in doing what is in the best interest of my client. Not what stands as my viewpoint. So you know that vegan who stands up on the podium with a medal, thats cool and all, I love that, but I am the passionate plant cheerleader on the sidelines that will go to bat throughout the game if ever the game is on. And if there is no game, thats fine, that doest change me being a cheerleader. (sidenote…who else just reeeeally wanted to be a cheerleader in school. like pompoms and all. wtf wasn’t this part of the canadian school system?)

Anyways, I felt like this was an important thing for me to clarify before I move into other topics that are either based on what works for me, or suggestions otherwise. You can judge me or love me for it. Its all fair game.

I have a passion filled heart that is a shade dark green, I’m stoked to share that love with you, but I fucking love all colours of the rainbow(by the way, he sang about that to. the rainbow connection).  Taste the rainbow…and thats whats up.

this is kermit the frog, signing out.

the lovers, the dreamers and me.

p.s. don’t even get me started on E.T.

I have a passion filled heart that is a shade dark green, i’m stoked to share that love with you, but i fucking love all colours of the rainbow(by the way, he sang about that to. the rainbow connection). and thats whats up.

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