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About to piss some people off in 3, 2,1…

This has been coming for a while, a topic I personally think is really important for me to discuss. Because at the heart of what I do, and why I do, is the responsibility of helping people feel good about their body and health, and sometimes that may look different than how I treat myself. Period.

I am now, and most probably will always be, a a voracious plant eater. Yes, I am a vegan. I eat avocados whole, devour nuts and seeds like a squirrel, and love anything that grows..outside of meat. I live a plant based lifestyle, in more ways than just what I consume. Does it work for me? Brilliantly. Did it help me heal? Absolutely and that is a whole other topic. Is it my business or viewpoint that you should live as such? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!…unless, it’s in the best interest of your health.

It may surprise you to hear that maybe only 20% of my clients are vegans or predominantly plant based eaters. This is not because they are not open to the possibility of that plant life, but more so because I am first and primarily interested in meeting my clients where they are at and helping them make changes that are 1. sustainable and 2. healthier to where they are at currently. Sometimes that means changing from that pork tenderloin to Salmon. Or from milk, to almond milk. The point of the matter is that the only way we can make change is by having an open mind and some flexibility from all parties involved, and that means me too.

Yes there are times where I have recommended an entirely plant based diet. For some people it can be completely transformative and a matter of critical intervention. Those people need and deserve the chance to help heal, often times, that which is totally reversible and could impair their future life. Some people are vegetarians that are looking to transition to the next step of vegan-ism and need help along that journey. But the majority of people are wanting to feel better in their skin, heal and improve health and grow from where they are. Can you do that on a whole foods plant based diet? Absolutely. But that is something that is not my decision, but yours.

Vegan-ism is not necessarily the answer to better health…at this moment… but eating more plants is. That I am sure of. I am often aghast at the amount of processed fake food that is being consumed and produced. Both of which are NOT going to save our planet or our health. However, a whole foods plant based diet is absolutely the foundation of optimized health. So if we look towards even make our diet PLANT FORWARD, this is the most important part of the equation to me.

I studied through Cornell University, in a specialized program on Plant- Based Nutrition, founded by one of the leaders of the WFPBD T. Colin Campbell. He is the founding father of this diet and is the one to credit for the research that staggeringly shows us the benefits of this whole foods plan…and I don’t mean the store. From reversing heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases and more, the information is there and even the global impact. But the take home for those that want to hear it, is that if we focus on plants as our main source of food intake, our health will improve in enormous proportion.

All this being said, at the end of the day, the most important thing is that you feel better about yourself and your body, your relationship with food and your health. Wherever that is, is a starting point to a journey, one that leads to more plants, yes, but also considering where you are at in your life.

The interesting thing is, I have found, when I approached health and wellness in this manner, and with the education piece around eating more plants, the amount of people who are willing to look at food differently is staggering. This is not a Jedi mind trick, its simply being open to empathy, compassion, patience, understanding…oh and change. One small change could be gigantic to another. SO we start where we are and keep walking forward…

I have the beautiful responsibility to help provide my clients with the health and happiness that they so deserve, and I know as they do too, that this is uniquely individual to each person I get to meet and for that I am grateful, creative and fulfilled.


Peace, Love, and more Plants

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