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img_5436OK, so oil pulling has been one of those things I’ve been dying to try for some time and yet felt like I had every excuse in the world to pass up on trying out this health enhancing daily routine. To say that I have a simple routine when I roll out of bed in the am is an understatement, so adding something to the mix feels, well…intimidating. That was until chance would happen and I met… Kismet. Coincidental? hmm, I think not.

Kismet is a new Vancouver company that has decided to make oil pulling and other wellness products a little bit more convenient, appealing, and dare I say more glamorous way of approaching this old Ayurvedic technique of detoxification and health enhancement and other beauty and health and enhancing products. So what is it you ask? Let’s start there….


Oil Pulling is an ancient technique of oral detoxification in which has numerous and vast benefits on the entire body not just within the mouth. The idea is, that swishing around a tablespoon or thereabouts of oil in your mouth, the action and contents “pulls” out bacteria and begins to detoxify the body in order to assist in prevention of disease and promotion of vitality and health. Um, who doesn’t want to feel vital? The effects of dental health are what seem to be most noticeable to many people, however, it has a ripple effect on the body.

Some of these benefits include

  • -increased oral hygiene
  • -teeth whitening
  • -increased energy
  • -enhanced immunity
  • -improved digestion
  • -skin health
  • -candida reduction

I could keep going on and there are many vast hypothetical advantages to doing such but none of that really matters unless you try it out and well, try to believe in it as well.

So I approached Kismet, as I was immediately taken with their brand which seemed to flow well with what I try to do, and I wanted to see what the benefits of oil pulling would provide to my life as a believer of overall holistic health, and so for 30 days, every morning, I got up and got oily with my daily dose of Kismet.

First off, I loved that the coconut oil sourced is organic, virgin, cold pressed. The emphasis is very much on quality, and when it comes to your health, there should never be question. I love how there is a hint of mint that you taste initially in the oil. Nothing overpowering and it does become more subtle, but cues dreams of junior mints. Or maybe that’s something only I would think of. So 30 days later what do I notice.

1.Immediately I noticed fresher breath between brushing. As I use natural toothpaste to begin with I find my breath not always as “fresh” as those crest days in between brushing, but with this added detox to the mouth, boom, I noticed a difference.

2. My teeth are whiter. Ok, in fairness, they were pretty white to begin with, however I did feel as though I noticed a difference which makes me think someone who was specifically looking to do this for whitening purposes would very much see its effect.

3. It was convenient. Or as much as it can be to add something into your routine. Having the prepackaged amounts gave me flexibility of taking it with me and doing it when I had a few moments, and as well, once I set a routine, it became easier.

4. I had a cold during the first few days. And although I feel as though I probably live in a way that supports my immune system already, I felt as though the cold was much less in severity, and duration. Wether this was responsible, who knows. But knowing that you could add something like this in when you are feeling under the weather might just be enough to jump start that immune system to respond better.img_5431

Verdict. Its a winner. From fresher breath and cleaner teeth/mouth, mixed with convenience and health, it checked off all the boxes I was hoping it would. I probably wont do it every day, but now that I have committed myself to a period of time, I would toats add this into the program 3-4 times a week, and also when I’m feeling more drained and fighting bugs.

I feel as though this old tradition is brought into the modern day again.

Here’s some more good news, Kismet is launching their newest products this week, bath salts!!!, that aid in chillin,detoxifying and beautifying with added herbs known for their healing properties. . So watch out for that, because basically now we have another excuse to oil pull, when we take an incredible soak at the same time. I mean come on? coconut oil and tubs, two of my favourite things. So yeah,  Check them out for whiter teeth, a healthier bod, and some well deserved bath pampering. After all its the freakin weekend.






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