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Join me as I guide you through the basics, the benefits, and the power of a plant based diet…

March 25th 2-5

In this format of what I call Feast & Function, I will guide you to explore the possibilities of That PLANT(based) LIFE by learning some facts, eating the (more than) basics, and tasting the delights that all come with a plant based diet.


We will: Understand why a plant-based diet is the way of the future and why it’s the talk of the town. We will discuss the pitfalls and common arguments of why a plant-based diet is difficult or not for everyone and how you can support these issues. Most importantly we will understand the nutritional aspect of a Plant Based Life.


What is that PLANT life? An education around what a plant based diet is. As a nutritionist I will guide you through the science and benefits of a whole foods plant based diet. Debunk the myths, find the facts, and formulate our own conclusion.


Why the PLANT life? More research is showing that eating more plants, and even only plants period, is the secret to a healthy life and planet. From preventing disease or reversing it, building muscle or weight loss. There are so many avenues that the plant life fits, we will discuss them all.


How? Through my favourite format of Feast and Function, we celebrate food by learning and tasting as we go. The goal is you will leave the workshop with a satisfied brain and belly.


Who? As a plant based expert in nutrition and culinary, I will guide you through the facts and the foods.


What’s included? In this 3 hour workshop, we will talk, discuss, cook and eat… you will also leave with all the information in a handbook to take homeYour cost $75



Lastly…This workshop is not about persuasion, or preference, this simply put is an education in what a plant based diet is and what role it can have in your life. Perhaps you are curious, dabble or are already fully immersed in the “plant” life, regardless the only goal from the workshop is to….EAT MORE PLANTS!



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