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Figs are a thing of beauty. Complex in taste and texture, nutrient dense, exotic and ridiculously good for you. Oh and they just happen to be in season. More reason to love seasonal eating.

So I got my bounty, when visiting Kirk & Alece’s backyard. We took to the back alley, and so beholds the black market figs. All it take is a ladder and a little elbow grease;) Ok, don’t go picking your neighbours trees, unless they give you permission that is… or fall in love with rebel health like I did.


I digress. I love seeing a food and finding inspiration in it. So I dug a little deeper of what I could do and this raw-ish dessert was just the ticket for the freakin weekend. Speaking of, oh did I forget to mention that figs may be an aphrodisiac as well…

K, so aside from carmelizing the figs, this desert is raw, delicious, plant based, sweet a bit sour, and a just a breath of savoury. I hope you enjoy. I think you will.

You can find me in the figs trees where I will be residing for the rest of the weekend.

peace, loves and freakin figs


 Vegan, Gluten free


  • 10-12 figs
  • 1-2 Tbls coconut sugar


  • 1/2 cup Cashews
  • 1/4 cup Coconut oil (you can add a tbls if crust feels too dry)
  • 5 Dates pitted
  • 1.5 cups GF oats
  • a few twists of himalayan seat salt


  • 1/2 block Medium Tofu
  • 1 cup coconut unsweetened yogurt
  • 2 Tbls Lemon Juice
  • 3 Tbls Agave syrup
  • 4 Tbls Coconut oil
  • zest of half a lemon
  • 1 tsp Vanilla powder
  • a few sprigs of Thyme


Heat your oven to 450 degrees

On a parchment lined baking sheet place figs sliced in half. Sprinkle with your coconut sugar, and place in the oven.

Broil for 5-7 minutes. You just want to heat the figs through so that the sugar becomes caremelized. Just watch so that it doesn’t burn. Remove from the oven and let cool.

Make your crust:

In your vitamix blend all your ingredients together until they start to form into a ball.

In a parchment lined rectangle pan. I used one that is roughly 8″x 5″, gently form your crust. You want to build a nice level base and build up the lip edges so as to hold the filling like a wall. Place in freezer while you prepare your filling

Make your filling:

Drain your tofu of extra moisture and pat dry. Place all ingredients in your blender and blend until very smooth and creamy.

Now you can pour your mixture into the crust that has been chilling and smooth out. Place your tart in back in freezer.

Once your figs are almost room temperature maybe 30 mins, you can gently press them into your filling and sprinkle some thyme on top. Then you can fully let your tart set for a few hours. You probably will only use 8 whole figs, so save the remaining roasted ones to serve with

I  like to leave this in the freezer and either eat it as a cold slice, or unwrap and let stand for about a 30-45 minutes until it has some softness to it. That part is totally your call. Store in freezer or fridge…if it makes it to leftovers.

You can find me in the figs trees where I will be residing for the rest of the weekend.

peace, loves and freakin figs

‘its the freakin weekend baby I’m ’bout to have me some figs”


  • Jenny Seidler says:

    I’ve totally hit up those alley trees! Figs are my fav thing, looks delicious!!! Im hoping for a delicious beet recipe soon. I grow em, I eat em, do I love them? Not particularly. Eating them kind of feels like a chore but I do it anyways cause I know how amazing they are for me.

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