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Dr Genieve Burley Hawes and Kate Horsman wish to welcome you to explore with them the nourishment of Body & Soul through Movement and Foods and a bit of magic along the way.

Oct 13-20th

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What is Sacred Suntan?

A 7-day Sanctuary Retreat based on the Mind, Body, Soul connection in which we merge our areas of expertise…Yoga, Food, and Mind practices. Oh and a bit of fun along the way. We would love to be guiding you through the many aspects we see as being important to living a healthy life: from daily yoga practices, meditations, foods and nutrition. As a society we find we often look at one but not the other. Genieve and Kate combine forces by bringing together the best of what they do in order to integrate a healthier you in your best body ever and still have a few laughs, margaritas, and suntans along the way.

Where is Sacred Suntan?

Located just 15 minutes south of Puerto Vallarta nestled in a beautiful and private Villa Mansion that will have you feeling like luxury and rest, which will most importantly, best equip you to take care of YOU.

Who is this for?

Whether you are looking for rest, healing, transformation or growth, this week of sanctuary will start you on that journey, boost you along your path or provide you with a soft cushion to land. We all work so hard, now’s the time to retreat, in order to take better care of our self and then the people we love.

Who are we?

Dr Genieve is a Chiropractor and Yoga Instructor, with a background in training, conditioning and wellness. She is based in Vancouver and runs yoga retreats and teacher trainings internationally. Genieve is a sought after plant based expert locally and works to integrate wellness through her extensive bodywork and lifestyle philosophies.

Genieve and Kate-231Kate Horsman is a Holistic Nutritionist and wellness expert with an education and background in counseling psychology, culinary, and dance. She believes in the powers of food and works with individuals to help find peace and transformation with their bodies in relationship with foods.  Kate has a philosophy that a whole foods plant based diet not only has the ability to heal, but deeply fulfill what it is our bodies our needing.

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What’s Included?

  • 7 days and 7 nights Luxury accommodation on the pacific of Mexico in a private villa mansion
  •  3 Meals a day.  Menu designed and currated by Kate.
  • 1 meal minimum a day cooked by Kate
  • Daily Yoga Vinyasa and Yin/Meditation taught by Genieve
  • 30 Minute Chiropractic Assessment by Genieve
  • 30 Minute Nutritional Assessment by Kate
  • Nourishing snacks and refreshments to keep us rejuvenated and quenched
  • Trip into Sayulita where we can help to arrange surf lessons, or you can have some of your own free time. Hang Loose
  • One Plant Based Cooking Class
  • Organized evening activities

Circle ceremonies fusing our philosophies with a little magic and fun along the way

A few more surprises in store…

***All meals will be Plant Based***

Genieve and Kate-188What to expect?

We find that like attracts like, and when there’s a positive charge, you get a positive back. What this means to you is that we expect that over the course of your stay you will feel fuelled, nurtured, nourished, stretched, and strengthened. All the core principals that are integral to a better body is how we go about treating full body wellness and what Sacred Suntan means to us

…Expect to learn and use your body as much as you want or as little as you want. Dr Genieve’s expertise in Yoga and Chiro brings along complete awareness of full body respect and workouts.

…Expect a lot of food. Healthy food does need not be boring. But it can be sexy, satisfying and soulful…but it will be plant based. Kate will show you the way

…Expect to laugh, we may not be comedians, but we know how to laugh, and this is just as important part of health, our attitude.

…Expect sun, unless you want an umbrella…then you do you 😉

Regardless and most importantly…we can’t wait to have you!!


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Join us for a Sacred Suntan  


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