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I am so so so thrilled to have joined forces with two incredible women for a retreat this October.

Meditation in Motion is…

The idea behind this workshop. It is a holistic retreat that incorporates so many dynamics that lead to optimal living. We explore the body through movement, the mind through stillness, and health through nourishment. Meditation in Motion retreat dream, came from one of my regular yoga teachers, Katherine Moore, who beautifully incorporates the way in which all movement, in this case specifically Running and Yoga, merge together to form an unlikely bond. A bond that weaves through all movement when we are open to stillness within, and that is, meditation. As we can find stillness and or/constant movement, meditation can be within everything we do.  Along with Shelley Tomcyzk, who has an impressive career as a yoga teacher for over 15 years, and training many yogi’s including Katherine in the journey to become teachers. We will work, through running, yoga, meditation, and….nourishment! That is where I come in 😉 All meals, snacks, drinks, smoothies will be created and catered by me with holistic nutrition in mind, seasonal and organic ingredients, focusing on nourishment of the body and soul. This is beautiful, sexy, whole food, not rabbit food.

I couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with these women, Katherine and Shelley, on the gorgeous island of Bowen, in the fall. Check out Katherine site here to find out more and register now! Its a small intimate group of 10 so make sure to reserve now.

Kate-horsman-ABOUT PAGE-BioPicWhen I’m not whipping up our natural feasts, I will be joining you alongside to indulge in nature, backbends, hikes and breath.

I hope to see you there!

Meditation in Motion by Katherine Moore

IMG_8684To offer harmony and balance, Katherine has partnered with Shelley Tomczyk to create a weekend retreat: MEDITATION IN MOTION BOWEN ISLAND YOGA RETREAT. Wake up to morning meditation practice by the ocean followed by yoga practice and a guided run to Killarney Lake. Relax in peaceful eco-friendly Zen cottages at Nectar in the forest and enjoy holistic organic vegetarian meals, snacks, juices, and smoothies prepared by plant based expert and private holistic chef Kate Horsman. Learn running drills to improve form and technique coupled with asana practice focused on restorative and therapeutics. Swim, unwind, find stillness, and retreat for the goodness of the soul.
We are only taking 10 people to keep the retreat intimate and special!

OCTOBER 21-23- 2016 To register go to www.runningintoyoga.ca
link under workshops/Retreats with a deposit you can reserve your spot now!IMG_8686IMG_6957Image 2IMG_7863










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