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Wether or not your are looking at cleaning up your diet, cleansing or detoxing, providing regular healthy plant based food is always a must. The more plants we eat, the more we are able to find a body that works in harmony, or as science say, homeostasis.

Why is this the case? Well, its long and complex, but at the base, the more enzymes we are eating, the more antioxidants we are receiving, the more we are able then to combat cellular damage that occurs on the daily. This equips our bodies to help better handle the daily load and detoxify efficiently.

K, so here’s the thing though, we do not need to starve ourselves, fast, nor make such an effort out of this process if, we bring it into our life on the reg. Case in point, these salad rolls. delicious, check, healthy, double check, easy enough, yup.

These salad rolls are the perfect cleans eats dish that are going to make you feel good from the inside out. I swear. Rice, wrap, roll and repeat.


I added in sesame and kale granules to boost up the recipes nutrients. These ingredients boost up zinc levels, iodine, and other minerals. Feel free to add away, chia, hemp, etc.



8 Rice wraps (they usually  come in a very large pckg)

Vermicelli Rice Noodles  approx 1/2 pckg

Mixed Greens a small bowlful

1 bunch of carrots

2 small Zuchinni

1/2 block of Tofu


1-2 avocado

few sprigs Parsley

few sprigs Cilantro

Sesame seeds & Kelp granules as garnish


Maple Tahini Dressing



Cut up your carrots, zucchini, tofu, avo, and what ever else you plan on filling your roll up with, into matchstick slices.

Soak Your rice noodles in some warm water until softened. Once soft and noddley, rinse well and drain. Set aside

Set out your goodies for assembly, your siracha, sesame seeds, or whatever extras you plan on using. You can put in whatever you like. Just not a mars bar.


Submerge your rice wrap in water until it is soft and very malleable. It will be very delicate at this point. I like working on a surface that is a bit wet so that the paper does not stick to the surface and then rip once rolled and assembled and also you can use a bit of oil on the board or fingers to also prevent sticking.

So once your rice wrap is on your wet surface. Start layering in your ingredients. I start with a few sprigs of  each herb, then layer the noodles for a bit of art once its all rolled up. After the that, you become your own subway artist 😉

Once you have a nice volume, fold in the sides and roll like a burrito. You want to move somewhat fast as the rice paper can be finicky, so once you are more confident with it, the better they turn out. Make sure you stuff them full enough so they have good shape.

Slice in half, dip, and enjoy.

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