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Change:// the way the government looks at our supplements


K, people. This is a big one. Health Canada is proposing changes that would change the landscape our out Natural Health Products NHP’s for short, permanently.

As it stands Canada is a leader in regulation of NHP’s to begin with. Ensuring safety and quality. What Health Canada is proposing not only aims to change a program that isn’t broken, but in fact, cause damage to one that is working beautifully with only us being the ones who suffer from this action.


What will a few of these main changes be?


  • Irradication of some supplements that we are already using
  • Increase in cost of already existing supplements
  • Reduction in the amount of information available to us about the NHP’s that we use.

What can you do?

Learn more Here, and Send a letter to your MP. This easy link, generates a letter to your local MP, that will specifically address this issue.

I know so many people in vancouver are passionate about our natural health care options, this is the same passion we need to bring behind this issue to support or current and future health. Please pass this along and help spread the word and keep our options and freedom of choice strong, powerful and most important, healing.



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