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Change: how we treat allergies

K, so we were waiting for it…Spring that is. But with it came a nasty pollen push that has our eyes watering and congestion at a max. Am I right?

Rarely do I feel as though Seasonal Allergies are something that I become affected by, but this year they feel like a whole different story. How about you? Hmm..there could be a cause behind this…

Some of the top contenders that increase your chances of seasonal allergies are

1.Recent illness

2.Food Allergies



4. Stress!!!

Yeah, so I think considering the year we’ve all had with nasty viruses attacking from every angle, it kind of makes sense why more of us are suffering this year than maybe the ones previously.  I know I can check off 3 on that list.

So what can we do?

1.First and foremost.. if you have known food allergies and sensitivities, this is your tim to avoid these foods. If you don’t know, right now could be a good time to play around with removing the most common allergens eg, Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Corn, Nuts, Shellfish,

2. Strengthen your gut health. What does your gut have to do with allergies? Almost everything actually. When your gut becomes more permeable from poor diet, health, toxins etc, this allows undigested proteins aka “allergens” leak through the gut wall and into the bod and the next steps your body takes is an all out histamine war to combat this foreign invader..this looks like allergies

3. Include local pollens which can help strengthen your immune response. When using local honey from your own backyard so to speak, you are exposing your body to the pollens that are causing your allergies building up your immune response.

4. Try Apple Cider Vinegar. Literally, you can use this stuff for anything. This can help strengthen that gut health, but as well help dry up mucous secretions that may be making it hard to breathe.

5. Load up on plant enzymes. Think all colourful foods, and especially papaya and pineapple. These two fruits add a mega enzyme punch. Enzymes are what are needed to help respond to that inflammatory reaction in the body.

oh and one more thing

6. Lay off the antihistamines. There is a time and places for everything, absolutely. But what if you knew that ultimately your antihistamines were causing more allergies down the road. It could very well be the truth. Histamine is a natural action required by our body to combat inflammation and begin repair. We also need histamine in order to release stomach acid. This is what breaks down our food into digestible pieces. If we cannot do that properly, well we are back to the story of lowered gut health above. Sounds like a vicious cycle, am I right?

Now I need to go take a dose of my own health.

Breathe in the spring, and out the pollen.


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