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Question: What is the Largest organ of the body?

If you guessed skin, you are an absolute genius!! And here is the thing, what we put on it, absolutely goes beyond that epidermal surface, just the same way that our toxins are released through sweat as detoxification.. we absorb what is put on! Not only this, but we now know that a lot of beauty products are related to a lot of health issues, but also environmental as well. So is that enough to get us going? Good.


First things first. I hesitated for a long time writing this post, as someone who works in the field of journeying to find the deep beauty within, I did not want this messaging to come off as disingenuous or contradictory to the work I do. However, you beauties…. ya you, have been constantly messaging me about my beauty routine, products and self care that gives me my glow. So in the spirit of being seen and heard, I am going to share with you the tips, tools and tinctures that get my face in alignment with my soul….

First and foremost, none of these mentions are sponsored in any way shape or form. I mean, if they wanted to they could cause I love the stuff.. but this is Kate tested and approved on her own volition.

Skincare –

a few years back I started to really pare down my skincare. I was a twenty something that was already investing in anti-aging products before a wrinkle appeared. Funny thing is, I NEVER personally was worried about lines on my face. It wasn’t of my top priority I suppose. I just chose to not give it much attention. But, messaging and marketing made me fall top heavy into the beauty product isle where I remained for many years.

I digress, about 5 years ago I thought financially and health wise, none of this was sound at least to where my values were at.  So I needed to reevaluate. At the time, there was so much going on with my health, that my education starkly shifted towards understanding this biggest factor… that stress anywhere in or on the body, will result with stress inside my body and well, I couldn’t have any more of that so this seemed like an easy peasy switch.

Since then, my skincare has been looking a lot like this:

  1. Cleanser : I use coconut oil. Basic organic Coconut oil. I massage onto skin and wipe off with a hot damp cloth.
  2. My Skinfood Serum – This was a serum I created with a variety of essential oils that nourished my skin and did not cause breakouts. I still make it myself in small batches for some clients and my own use. You can purchase through me if you are intrigued.
  3. In the winter months, I sometimes add in a retinol, but that’s it!

If I do facial Masques, I treat myself to May Lindstrom’s line of luxury and intentional Beauty Products which is divine. But for a more accessible product, I go towards Lush cosmetics, Cosmetic Warrior Mask or Brazened Honey. Both staples in the fridge now.

Makeup –

As far as makeup goes, I have similarly kept it pretty routine and simple since the switch but I do play around with my favourite brands and here is a trick I always go to… I literally mix them up. Since these are companies with a smaller range of staples, I generally get a few products and mix to create colours if I want more variety.

The staples always in my bag and on my skin are:

  1. Sappho CC Cream
  2. RMS Uncoverup in 33 for makeup and Spell, and Bronze by RMS on my cheeks as blush
  3. The only mascara I have found that I LOVE is by Elate, who also has some beautiful lipglosses and other products
  4. I love using the eyeliner by Gabriel, which I think you can get at whole foods now. It again has a very similar texture to anything drugstore bought and stay rather well.
  5. Bronzer by Clove and Hallow.
  6. Eyeshadows if used are usually RMS.
  7. And lips are either Elate lipgloss or Clove and Hallow in dessert rose or ballerina slippers.

Here is the thing… wether you are doing it for yourself, or the planet, there is absolutely a way that a former department store beauty junkie can find her fix in the the ever growing world of “green beauty”.

Beauty related superfoods:

As mentioned, I firmly believe that my attitude, my nutrition and my lifestyle play the biggest role in my “beauty” however these beautiful ingredients are also like nourishment to the skin.

  • Hydration!
  • WithinUs Collagen
  • Vitamin C
  • Antioxidants and Superfoods! think bright and varied colours
  • Healthy Fats –
  • Celery Juice (but you already heard that one coming didn’t you:) )

Honourable mentions… when I have the chance, I get to Clarite Wellness for facials, and Melissa Baker faces for hydra facials which are totally dreamy and highly recommend if that is within your means.

Look, our face is often the first thing that people see, and so feeling confident about what is on it or went into, it does matter. Is it the whole picture, absolutely not. I will say this though, and perhaps leave this for another blog, but we can tell a lot about what has is or happened in your body by presentations going on with your skin. That I think, is really exciting!

Get your glow on, I already see it inside



Looking for my favourite shops to get this stuff:

Kiss and Makeup


The Detox Market


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