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Change:// the way we care for our skin

Beauty IS indeed only skin deep, but health ahhh, now that is another story.

It was only about 1 year ago or around there that people really started commenting on my skin, and though quite gratefully I have always had “good” skin, it does seem to have a new je n’ais se quoi about it. A glow if you will. And although I certainly am not Benjamin Button, I do feel as though my skin health has stepped up a notch or two and and maybe I’ve shed off a few as well, years that is. The beautiful part is my health and my skin health is simpler than it EVER has been and the glow is really from the inside out and then brought to life with a few added products.

In my twenties, I applied La Mer, SK11, La prarie etc etc, so I have tried it all. And don’t get me wrong, those products are beautiful, but the more natural and minimal my life can be/cost effective. The healthier it is on so many levels! This is not about compromising something for a holistic option, it is about the best choices for me period. I’m glad I figured out a better way.

So what do I do?

It’s 2 fold. I focus on what I put IN my body, and what I put ON it.

I focus on food for skin:

  • this is highly pigmented and fresh. Fruits and vegetables. The more colour, the more antioxidants, the more vitamin C the better
  • I eat healthy fats: Avocados, nuts and seeds, and omega 3 type oils and supplements
  • I rely on using a TruMarine Collagen supplement daily
  • Drink lots of water, ya, at least 2L a day
  • I avoid processed foods and refined sugars
  • I only eat plants.
  • I consistently focus on Probiotic in supplement and food source. Yes, it is good for your skin too. Your digestive system is directly linked to your skin health!!

One of the key things we see as showing up when a liver is under duress, is a dullness of skin, and often times symptoms of irritation. Be it hives, eczema, rosacea, allergy, dry flaky skin and more. Remember your skin is an organ, so not only is it going to reflect what is going on inside, but also what you are putting on it. Having a low stress threshold in wholeness is so important when we talk about skin health. This can be toxins, environmental, sugars and just strait up anxiety!

I firmly believe that it is in my lifestyle that has created my skin health, but then the addition of my simple and effective skincare routine, that has made all the difference in maintaining and helping that glow

This is:

  • I cleanse with coconut oil 2 daily
  • I apply my superfood serum 2 x daily (for sale soon…keep your eyes peeled)

and lastly

  • I use natural cosmetics such as RMS, Sappho, and Benecos to put on my skin afterwards. No sense in mucking up your face with chemicals that you are directly absorbing through your skin. It’s the small stuff that adds up my friends.

The last thing to keep in mind is patience. Long standing skin health is something that does not come overnight or short term, but really is a long term goal. Do what you can now and once you start to see some of the benefits it will be that more easier to include these healthy habits all the time.


Maybe she’s born with it…or maybe it’s just skin deep.

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