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Square One

By January 6, 2017No Comments

Detox / Cleanse Workshop

img_1868When: January 21st 3-6pm


Sometimes we have to look at peeling back a few layers, and sometimes it just means starting from scratch. Regardless where you are at in the beginning, we can work to maximize the potential of the body, by reaching its best self when all we have to do is start from Square One: A place to build off of… a clean slate.


What is SQUARE ONE: A functional WORKSHOP that looks at what Detox and Cleansing really means, and how to integrate it into your life in either a more sustainable or intensive way with education, recipe demos and sampling.


Why SQUARE ONE: Cleansing and detoxification are the jump starters to optimum health for the body, externally and internally. This is not about a diet, you just happen to feel good along the way and this begins the start to living in your best body.


How? Like all successful things, we do this with balance. We will guide you through nutritional education of detoxifying: myths, pitfalls, strategies and methods, and then show you how to integrate this into your life.


What’s included in SQUARE ONE? Amongst a group of likeminded individuals you will learn, sample, and leave with strategies to use in your daily life. This includes a recipe list of the days foods, a booklet on what we talked about, and of course sample teas and treats that will convince you that detox at any level is not about restriction but coming from a place of clearing, then nourishment. Your cost $75


Who: Kate Horsman & Marika Richoz will bring you an integration of Nutrition and wellness expertise alongside their culinary skills. This workshop is designed for anyone looking to learn, refresh, or jumpstart their process to a healthy body.



Registration: Email

Kate Horsman


Subject line: Square One


Marika Richoz


Subject Line: Square One



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