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I stood at the counter of a tanning salon and turned around to see a girl I knew, we both looked at each other, blushed, and it wasn’t the suntan talking. We had this moment of oh shit…we’d been caught. Our little secret was out. But is it really something that we should be ashamed of.


Please note* this article is intended to provide opinion, thought and self judgement. In no way am I endorsing indoor or outdoor “tanning” for your health, but I do just intend to stir the pot a little I am sure.

So here’s the thing… we are beings of energy, and being as such, what we do know now is how profoundly impacted energy is by LIGHT.

DO I know enough to talk about this? no, so I will leave that part there. But there is profound research to say that those molecules in our body whose space is surrounded by energy, interact and have great power when exposed to various forms of light.

I digress…

What I am really more concerned with, is understanding that we are a society often deficient in vitamin D … some statistics say 70%! And with that comes a lot of consequence, some which may lead to a large disruptance of health… perhaps more then the risk of sun damage. Cue aestheticians cringing, everywhere.

Not everyone is the same. Likely you know wether or not the sun is medicine for you, and if it is, plan accordingly. Maybe this means more time outdoors even in winter, maybe this is an LED lamp, but denying yourself of any of these measures just because you’ve been told not to is not reason enough for me.

Be sun smart and safe. Overexposure is a no no. But exposing yourself, sans sunscreen, face and heart open is actually the best way you can get in the Natural Vitamin D… the easiest way your body can absorb, than any supplement can.

The risks of lack of exposure to sunlight? well its a laundry list, but a powerful one at that might make you think twice.

  • osteoporosis
  • osteomalacia
  • a weakened immune system
  • low dopamine and neurotransmitter function
  • depression
  • cancer risk. Yes, many cancers are actually shown to increase with lack of exposure to sun and light

So, what am I saying? Well, I think I am just empowering you to do your research and think twice about your sun habits. Be mindful and conservative, and maybe just look into second opinions on sun health.

Heres why it works, for me… I get sad, I get dark, and I KNOW, that when I feel my absolute best is when I am fully absorbed in the sun. Is this a problem, heck no? I just have to find a way to make it happen and also know that being my best self more often than not is going to lead me to my healthier self. Is that a dichotomy? Nope, it’s an easy decision for me. I am going to say, buh bye to the judgers, and hello to feeling my best and trusting my intuition. I also have osteopenia, and low dopamine production, so scientifically there is a reason why my body craves and thrives in the sunlight. My body is literally asking for it.

So next time you see some tanned skin and you think heck that looks nice…. maybe thats literally because the person may have been boosted by some Vitamin D booster. Just saying.


As always, stay curious.



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