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Change:// what we consider super

Supersized, superman, supermom, superfoods. The list goes on. We seem to always be on the quest for the even better. It seems we have become a society that is hell bent on being the best most everything, but perhaps we are just missing the point…IMG_6948

You see, Superfoods, could very likely be no more than a marketing term created to promote the sale of a health product by which we want to classify as being more nutrient dense stronger than… other nutrient dense foods. SO higher than average vitamin and mineral value. Although indeed many of these labeled products are in fact superb, there are many that do just the same as, or more effectively than their counterparts with less glory or fame, and quite often less of a price tag. Did you know the the use of the term “superfoods” was banned as illegal to use in the EU unless the product could be backed by scientific research. That’s food for thought.


There’s no question, some foods just rank as higher and pack a bigger punch, and the more we get of them, great. But you might be surprised by what foods still would classify as super.


Here are some of my favourite Superfoods that I try and incorporate into s day to day lifestyle but at the end of the day, all whole plant foods are super in nature and the more we get of them, the healthier we will be. You might be surprised how simple this list is.

IMG_15341.Fermented Foods!- and I’m not talking about your bick’s pickles guys. Really ferments of all sorts help to keep that bacteria in your stomach strong which can lead to improved immunity, better digestion, which in turns better vitamin and mineral absorption! It can even increase the nutrient content of the food containing ferment. Perhaps this is the superfood really worth paying attention to. Think Krauts, kimchi even kombucha!

2. Seaweeds and Kelps– not only are these packed with minerals, but did you know they contain 20-35% protein? Not only that they are a wonderful source of B vitamins which is always important especially if you are plant based. They help to support thyroid, skin, and joint health amongst many other things. Try a wakame salad next time you are out, or add kelp flakes to your meals.

3. Tumeric– The world is all a buzz with this one. And with some good reason. It may be one of the most power anti-inflammatory foods around. We live in a society that suffers from diseases of inflammation and so getting a handle on this is important. Try it in a smoothie, soup or supplement.

4. Bitter greens– not unlike our fermented friends, bitters help aid with proper digestion which is only going to help us soak up all the good vitamins and minerals we are putting in. Put on top of salads or dishes as a garnish that works in disguise

5. Coconut oil– belonging to a group of fats called medium chained triglycerides, coconut oil has been known to fuel metabolic fire. Now thats the skinny on fat that I like. Try this- on anything!

6.Blueberries…and all other berries really for that matter- most well known for their fiber, phtyochemicals and flavanoids. These are the substances that may lower the risk of heart and other diseases. Get berries in as often as you can, snack, on cereal and in smoothies.

7.Nuts and Seeds, Avocados and Oils– High in minerals and healthy fats. Everything from brain health to blood sugar balance. Quality is key, and how you use. Ditch olive oil for cooking and opt for Avocado oil. Look for cold pressed, organic and unrefined oils wherever possible.

8. Kale….and every other dark leafy. Yup, they may not be so different but brilliant altogether.  Big into A,C, K, Fiber, calcium and minerals

9.Salmon– the health benefits of Omega 3’s are so staggering that fish oil and cold fish in general are so beneficial if your diet will permit. Anti-inflammatory, proper brain health function and prevention, depression… the list is quite beyond. If you aren’t into fish, maybe you would consider a fish oil in supplement.

Remember, to ensure we are efficiently using and absorbing those abundant nutrients we are eating we have to be functioning optimally. So just because you ate 1 cup of goji berries washed down by a glass of noni juice does you no better if you have digestive tract issues, an unhealthy lifestyle or otherwise frankly, any areas of imbalance. Makes sense right? SO great, put amazing food in your body, that is one of the goals, but the other one that is just as important is rebalancing health as it is. So looking to start somewhere, start with superhuman, cause our bodies are pretty incredible.

                                                                          Otherwise, next time you are at the store try this:

  1. Look for colour, bright and varied

  2. Try a fermented food!

  3. Look for something different. A varied diet is the one that is going to get you the most spectrum of the good stuff.

  4. Local, whole and fresh!

  5. Get spicy. Tumeric and its relatives are a good place to start





I’ll leave you with this…

” No people on earth worry more about the health consequences of their food choices than we Americans do-and no people suffer from as many diet-related health problems”- Michael Pollan


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