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Hey guys, SO it seems as though supplements are the new big pharma. Am I right? And well it may seem like an improvement, not all that glitters is gold. For more than a few reasons. It is not only draining our bank accounts, this dream selling of a healthier more natural body, but it could also be helping us get farther away from our health goals!

The problems that I am continually concerned about when I’m looking at a mega supplemented nation is this:

  • We automatically think that this is the “healthier” option against over the counter medication. Not always is this the case.
  • We love a good quick fix. We like fast, immediate results. Our body however doesn’t really work that way
  • They are “natural”, aren’t they? The mindset that we are buying into is that supplements are all healthy and safe.
  • Shoddy companies are minimizing brands who actually ARE providing quality products therefore detracting from real and helpful change.

But here is my two cents, for what they are worth…

Are we missing the point?

We all want to be healthier and yet swallowing another pill is the answer? For me, its going to be a no. The idea is that when we are eating the right kinds of foods for our needs and abilities, that we are absolutely getting in enough of the right nutrients to sustain our health. To optimize it? well that could be debatable, more on that in a second, but I’m trying to make a point here. Focusing in on real whole foods is where not only we are able to receive the most abundant nutrients but also where quite possibly we absorb and assimilate them better.

Remember, your digestion is hard at work to break down all of those pills, in no different manner than other medication. This could mean more burden, which impacts your overall stress load to your tummy not to mention your liver!

Also, you do know there are other ingredients in that supplement don’t you? Companies have become experts at using fillers and sub products that in some capacity can be counterintuitive to better health. Sugar pill epidemic. You’d be shocked what is in there. What exactly are you buying into. Red and yellow # 3?

So that being said…

I am not saying all supplements are created equal, they absolutely are not. And there are a few products that I absolutely swear by and in fact promote to the majority of my clients as part of their day to day life. But when your list of pills becomes a grocery list long….there is a problem!

So when and how should you know to supplement and have it benefit you instead of burden you?

The truth is the only time you NEED extra support is if you are going through

  • illness
  • deficiency
  • periods of stress
  • poor diet
  • lowered immune function
  • a strictly vegan diet may require B12


  • the exception to all of this is a PROBIOTIC which I absolutely think EVERYONE should be on. Gut health is a future predictor of disease and immune strength. In todays world our gut flora is being compromised and it is time to check in and top up.

Everything else is completely Protective and Promoting of added health, this is the cherry on top. SO what are those you ask?

My go to’s for supplementing and what I believe are valuable in my clients life are

  • probiotic (professional grade)
  • omega 3’s – inflammation is at the heart of disease, this is your protector
  • mushroom extracts – immune boosting, cell strengthening, brain health and more
  • collagen – from guts, to skin, this is your armor supersized.
  • specific herb or supplements targeted to what is going on to YOU. Don’t take a pill just because, take it for a reason and have someone help guide you if you need.

Ok , so now you know what you may want to invest in. What to steer clear from?

Unfortunately, this is a time and age where for the most part, you get what you pay for. When you are supplementing, here are a few things to keep in mind…

  • Buy professional quality aka naturopath or nutritionist provided (shameless plug, you can come to my supplement shack during designed office hours)
  • stay away from drug stores and opt for “health food stores”
  • make a list and don’t go off track, it can be overwhelming
  • do your research
  • look at the labels just as you would with your food…stay away from artificial colours, fillers and things labelled as

Remember, you are what you absorb so take time in understanding how and what is going to work best for you and not the latest and greatest health claims. Can everyone stand to include a probiotic in their daily life? Yes I think so. The rest, really is the cherry on top.

Peace love and health foods 😉


My Supplement shack is open for clients and non clients during one designated day a week. If you want to pop in and say hi, and get some info on some specific products, give me a shout. My next supplement shack hours are Tuesday September the 12th from 1:30-3:30, and stay tuned on Instagram for more hours to come. Holla

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