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I remember a time, not too long ago actually, where I felt so incredibly grateful for sweat. There is something about that feeling that when your body says ack! I’ve had it, I’ve got to let something go, and so it does. Maybe it’s so ingrained in me, having spent years in the studio from such a young age, age 3 to be exact,  that I almost feel incomplete without it. Regardless, I’m so very grateful my body will let me perform like this, still after what I’ve put it through. I’m hooked to the hot room, the hotter the better, and I like to run, until I can feel the sweat drip down my hair. So when I heard that my friends new studio was to be called Sweat Vancity. I knew this is probably something I could get down with.

Yes, this is my friends studio, however, I can honestly say, I have never EVER done a mat class that caused sweat to actually drop from my head. This was the Connect Class @ Sweat Vancity. Part pilates, strength, and stability right to the…core. Yup, the c word. Although I don’t necessarily think a more is better kind of gal, I do workout a lot, yes, i do it for my health and my min more importantly, but even with all my activities this got me good.


Christine and husband Kevin opened the studio in North Van, and with years of experience,heart and really great attitudes they’ve opened this sweat box 😉


IMG_1951One of the really cool parts of this gym aside from the trainers which is the forefront of the trx and connect based classes, is the cardio equipment that is used to supplement, it is all people powered. Meaning… a workout that takes more effort, but also will lead to more results. The trueform runner treadmill is completely self propelled and the only way it gets moving is if you strike it near the top. It is an incredible machine and within 20 seconds my heart rate was up, my cadence on point and I was off… and I couldnt last long. They also have the rowers and as well a bike  that similarly has this idea. Its like taking all that self weighted work you do with the TRX bands in the studio, to the cardio part so its very complimentary to each other.


Anyways, I was sweaty. It worked. I’m pumped. Check them out, maybe i’ll see you there 😉 Oh and next time you think it’s gnarly to sweat, rethink that, yeah it is , but in the absolutely coolest of ways. Oh yeah, and thats what it is literally doing, cooling you…amongst other things too 😉
Oh yeah, Christine has a thing for sharks, so just a tip in case you are looking to butter her up,


Looking cool as a cucumber but feeling the burn, make not mistakes about that


Peace and Nama steeze

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