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Decoding your hunger

  Change:// how we look at hunger Wether you are a healthy eater, a perpetual dieter, binge eater, or have an eating disorder, learning to trust your body and let it guide you intuitively is pretty much like a shot in the dark and yet is the one thing that can bring us back to that healthy happy bod we…
July 11, 2017

surrender and intend

  How about we lose the resolutions and instead look at something more productive? Dig a little deeper, and maybe, just maybe, with that will come the lasting power that we all seem to be searching for: More happiness, less stress, and healthier bodies. What if we let go of resolutions and stop becoming list makers to check off our…
December 30, 2016

What is a nasty woman

Is she? Is I? If so, then be proud. Be proud that we have the strength, the voice and the courage to unsettle the settled. The light that can off put people enough to look at their own darkness and cower or lash out. If she is a nasty woman, then I too am proud to call myself one. For…
November 4, 2016