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The Announcement

If you have been following along the last while, you will have noticed that I have been in the process of creating something that I think is really very special. This something, I am hopeful, will be a pivotal piece of support to so many individuals.

Early in my career I felt both empowered and hopeful that there were many people that I could touch. But as mentioned previously, I also had this nagging feeling that there was a way that I could do differently. That in doing differently, I hoped to support more people struggling with Disordered Eating, Eating Disorders, Body images issues and more.

I believe I have done this with this new project and I am so excited to announce for you:

THE HOMECOMING: Finding Freedom from Food and Body Despair 

A Comprehesive Online Course, coming September the 4th

Why is it called, The Homecoming? 

What I have continually noticed through my hours spent with my clients, is that they constantly feel a combination of two ideas. One, that something is very wrong with them.  And two, that they will always have to manage life within this frame of reference.

I know and choose to believe differently, and because of this, I focus on the idea that we can connect again with our truest sense that has somehow gotten hidden along the way, in hopes to uncover the freedom so many of us long for, we then, have the ability to come home.

What is it?

The Homecoming is my answer to explore healing from disordered eating, eating disorders, yo yo dieting, body image dissatisfaction, diet culture and more. This is just a little bit of what you can expect from the course that launches in September….

  • An 8 week online course: a self paced journey that could extend to 3 months of work depending on how you work to integrate the material. It is your journey and YOU get to decide this.
  • A multi pillared approach: We approach healing from the pillars of health that are the foundation of work with all my clients. The Psychological, The Nutritional, and The Mindfulness.
  • 25 + Videos, Supportive documents, and even Guided Meditations created just for you.
  • A Community Component if you want to connect with our online collective in a safe, and anonymous way.
  • Call ins:From time to time you will also receive emails to invite you into live calls that I will host.
  • Condensed learning In its entirety, this course allows individuals to connect with the work I do one on one with my clients, in a way that allows them to gain information that would take well over 12 sessions with me to cover
  • Compassion Focused, Trauma Informed, and Mindfulness based. The delicate and nuanced nature of this work demands creating safety and respect, and approaching our journey from this angle is of utmost importance.


This deep dive of a course was created to be adaptable to where you are at in various stages of your readiness and healing journey. So when you are ready, and I think you are, I will be here ready to take that hand and walk with you.

I think you are starting to understand who this is for, maybe you even know it’s you. This course is for those in various stages of health, including those with disordered eating, eating disorders, body image issues, yo yo dieters, and more.


There is so so very much to share with you all, this truly is the tip of the iceberg. But I am so excited and proud of this work.  It truly feels like a birthday, being able to release this into the world with you today.

If you want the most current info, stay tuned here, through my newsletter, and Instagram for the latest on the launch coming September.

It is a complete and incredible privilege to be on this journey with you.

xo KH

“I lost my way to you, and on the way to you, I found all the way back, to me” – Atticus


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