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Change: indigestion

Lets face it, when our stomachs needs attention, they talks to us, very literally. Growl, rumble, surge, and yeah a bunch of other sounds and actions  too. You get the vibe. It is not surprise that it is the second brain of our body and can often give you that GUT feeling, leave you feeling anxious, unsettled not to mention bloated, crampy, gassy, constipated or gutted. Believe me…stars they are just like us, yup, same issues. You cannot escape it.

One of the first things we learn in school, is the mechanics of the digestive system, because if this isn’t working, then there is bound to be effects within the body.

This was a art project I did to demonstrate the different mechanisms and organs of our very complex digestive tract.fullsizerender

The gut can and does for many, rule our day to day lives, and maybe. It is my opinion, and probably a few others, that a healthy gut translates to a healthy body and even further…a healthy mind. Did you know it is estimated that 90% of serotonin is made in the gut. Serotonin is the feel good chemical that acts a neurotransmitter to help keep our mood up and balanced.

Science is continuing to evolve, and the more we investigate a healthy digestive system, we see the mass benefits to the entire body. At the forefront of this is our Microbiome. That is what we call all the good bugs that live within us. Each one of us as individual as the next. These are the ones we want to feed and protect and nurture. From depression to Alzheimer’s, anxiety and cancers there are so many ways in which our little world going on in there can help prevent, or alternatively harm our overall health. The Stomach and brain work in constant connection through the nervous system, hormones, and immune systems. Its more evidence to consider when we think of the phrase what we think, we become. Our cells are responding all the time to this information. And the same is true what we put in out stomachs has a direct correlation, but that we already know.


So what does this all mean? Cleaning up our act a little. But you may be surprised when i say clean, how really simple these steps are that could change all your tummy troubles.

K, So everyone could stand to use some tips and tricks that help maintain and promote a healthy gut, even if you are one of the lucky few that has never had a digestive problem. DO you really exist? Unicorns. Must be unicorns.


  1. Chew more!

A lot of clients look so perplexed when I mention this, and this is not that fad diet where you chew thirty somewhat odd times, the fact is that when you chew your food better you are giving your stomach all the biological connections that your stomach needs to ready itself for digestion. Digestions BEGINS in the mouth. When you are chewing you are actually beginning to chemically digest carbohydrates and your saliva signals to your stomach to start to get the engines running. A cascade effect is set in motion that triggers all necessary enzymes and processes ready to breakdown your food. Sounds kind of important, yeah? yet we kinda gloss this one over. So how do you put this into practice? This one is easy EAT YOUR FLUIDS AND DRINK YOUR MEALS. You want to break things down enough so you’ve taken the time to chew very thouroughly so that by the time your food hits your stomach, the rest of processes can happen. Reversely, have you ever had a tummy ache after a juice or smoothie? Perhaps you chugged it, or perhaps your stomach still needed time to bring together all those valuable chemicals used in the breakdown. SO take your time, chew your nutrition drinks to stimulate that saliva that will trigger the whole system.


2. Dont drink water with meals. 

Think of it this way, your stomach has been working to prime itself for food, through chewing, stomach emptying and time, and so as this amazing machine gets fired up, alarm, the sprinklers go off and the sparks are now extinguished. We want the digestive fire to burn baby burn, so that means turning off the hose. Ok, this may not be realistic if you are including wine or a cocktail with meals, but again looking at OPTIMAL digestion, save your fluids for 30 minutes before and afterward your meal.


3. Probiotics.

Yup, I do not mind being a pill pusher here. Probiotics are on the precipice of changing our health. So many studies are happening on the human microbiome aka our gut, and how this is really the epicenter of our health, immune system, digestive function and believe me there will be more. The bacteria we are born with as children is the stuff we stay with, so we want to ensure proper health of these bugs to keep them thriving and fighting off the “bad guys” living in our digestive system. If you begin with a probiotic you will not only see an improvement in your gut health meaning better bathroom breaks, but also less tummy aches and bloating, indigestion, and fewer colds and viruses. This is something worth investing in.


4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Chances are, between our rushed lifestyle, big gulp drinks with meals, less chewing etc… our stomach does not have enough HCL (stomach acid) to break down all those nutrients. If you feel like this could be you, and this is the majority of the population, TRY: 30 minutes before a meal, try adding 1 tsp- 1 tbls of ACV into a small glass of water and drink. This added acid may just be enough to boost whats going on down there to relieve digestive upset to come or add to proper digestion. Even better, add it into your recipes!


5. Drink lots of water.

Yes I do realize that I told you not to drink water, but thats only around meal times. Between then, its time to get your drank on. This will help a continuously healthy digestive system, helping not only with hydration, but healthy bowel movements. Yeah, i’m talking about poo and I don’t even give a shit. Actually wait, I very much do give a shit;)


6. Fibre does a body good…

and we hardly get enough. Yes the RDA is 20-40g daily, and guess what, we are still not reaching it. This btw is considered low in most everywhere else in the world. Some tribes in Africa are know to eat over 100g per day. These same tribes are the ones being studied for their diverse and healthy microbiome. End side note. We need this fibre to move our digestive tract along. Both soluble and non soluble. My latest fav source, chia! and kale!



Regardless of where you are at with your nutrition, the easiest change you can integrate is to get whole. The beautiful thing is that the chances are you are going to start feeling whole very fast too in so many ways because of this.

with butterflies in my tummy for you all(yes it really does exists),

peace img_2755


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