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This recipe comes via two Vancouver chicks who know what’s up when it comes to food and I’m stoked to know them and follow what they do.

Chef Marika Richoz of Birdnest Dining created this beautiful pavlova recipe for an equally beautiful evening, at the SajeWellness x Farmacie long table series, hosted by my beautiful friend Erin Ireland. Pretty much all magic, everything.IMG_9448

So as I’ve been experimenting with Aquafaba… Aqaua say what? Yeah, thats what we are calling chickpea brine or water these days. The beautiful thing, you may never believe, but that stuff that you drain down the sink, it acts like egg whites when whipped. I know. Mind. Blown. K, so there have been some trial and errors, not unlike conventional egg white use. But it’s just so worth giving it a try in your recipes. I just had to take advantage and try out chef Marika’s creation.

Never would I have thought the words pavlova and vegan would have come together. But chef Marika made this happen. what what?!

IMG_9776Im in absolute love with this beautiful recipe! The other day I created it with different toppings inspired by the beautiful lavender my friend gave me. I have good friends ;). Anyways you can feel free to be creative as you like, or don’t like. The recipe for the Marika and Erin’s version can be found here.

If you want to give my flavours a try, go for it.


-blueberries and blackberries for strawberries

-add in naked coconut chips

-add pure lavendar oil & vanilla in/in place of just vanilla

-food grade Lavender to sprinkle

-chopped dark chocolate

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