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Change: how we work with stress

Werk, werk, werk, werk, werk,

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Stress, stress, stress, stress, stress.

Stress is running and ruining our lives. A double edged sword that both keeps us going on the daily and in times of danger, but then can also run us into the ground.

It’s something we hear about regularly but what is it really and what does it do to our bodies?

Lets start with the fact…. Stress = Cortisol

We call it stress, but really when that worry or demand turns cellular, which it does, thats when the hormone cortisol gets released.

It’s the stuff that will keep us safe when we need to run for our lives, but here’s the problem, our mind literally does not know the difference between standing in front of a wild animal, or a text message from our ex. It is one in the same and so our body reacts. It’s important to have for necessary body functions say running for your life.

But here’s the problem… we are living in a stressed out world!! High demands, physically, emotionally, spiritually. We have to look a certain way and act the part too. So here’s a question? what’s the consequence? Perhaps the very things we are trying to avoid are actually causing the problems we are wishing against.


Yeah, it’s a thing. Your adrenals run dry. Cardiovascular system stress. Immune system shot, and don’t even think about mental and emotional wellbeing. oh and here’s one, belly fat.

Yup you heard right. You know those stressed out dieters who can never lose around their tummies? Yup, that’s cortisol at work. The body decides to react against stress by ensuring safety, and often what that means for you is an extra few around the middle. You know, in case that tiger jumps out of the bush.

So if we know that stress is a killer, and we got that far, what really are we doing to prevent the harmful effects of it?

Lets start here.

Reduce Caffeine, or at least change the quality.

Stimulants are only going to keep that stress level humming. Maybe switch to a healthier alternative like matcha that has almost the same amount of caffeine, but also contains l-theanine that calms as it revs. The perfect balance

Increase Vitamin C 

It’s still got it. So many benefits, one of which is to lower cortisol naturally. So you can take this either as supplement or food source, but get some of it in ya.

Get More SLEEP!

find this hard to do? yeah, i’m with you. But it makes such a huge difference. Put away the phones, grab a book, and set your snooze time in your calendar if you have to. The effects of a body rested can be immeasurable.

Reduce Processed and Refined foods

Thats one more thing your body has to deal with…breaking down your foods to get at the real goods. SO simplify, keep it fresh, natural, and whole as often as possible.

Increase your Antioxidants

These are going to keep your body fighting free radicals that will continue to cause oxidative STRESS. Yup there’s that word again. Keeping stress out of your food is the best way to approach what you feed yourself.

Keep your Liver tight,

and by tight i mean clean. Avoiding, alcohols, sugars, processed foods oh my. Too hard to resist? make sure you sip on some lemon water first thing in the morning to aid in some detoxification… at least we are making the effort to start the day right.

Small Meals All Day

I mean, I think this is a blessing. the more the merrier. When planning meals, overburdening your system with a large feast may not be what the doctor called for. Small meals spread throughout is not only going to keep your blood sugar humming steadily which is awesome when talking about lowering stress, but it will also lessen the digestive load that comes along with a giant meal at the end of the day.

This may be my favourite…

Choose your thoughts!!

Yes that’s right, you actually have the ability to choose your thoughts. Acknowledge the ones that victimize, berate, stress, and freak you out, and engage in new ones. Those thoughts are the gateway to what is happening in your stress management. Learn when to engage and when to leave be. It could be the most single beneficial change you make in your life.


These are some simple strategies that not only directly impact how your body handles stress, but also deals with other problems too like digestive health, blood sugars, and liver. Everything is always intertwined, so when we approach something holistically usually we can find a ripple effect throughout the body which is the essence of holistic health


Peace, love and lowered cortisol

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