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I think we love the idea of the hottest, best new supplement because well, the idea of having that quick fix and cure all is so appealing to us all! Not only do we want to look our best, but feel out best and oh yeah, we want it now. But heres the honest to god truth…what we do need, is the stuff that is going to elevate us, the foundation if you will. Everything is is just the icing on the cake. Make sense. Are there some basics that are so very helpful? absolutely.


When I think about giving my bod the basics that are going to optimize it’s ability, mind, body soul, I think about the things that we are oftentimes deficient in. So replenishing these things is my first line of defence. The second line is about combating inflammation ad stress to the body. This is where disease begins. Then it’s time to get defences up so that we can prevent disease, aging and drain. So, that’s the background. But the nitty gritty of it is this…


what supplements I rely on:

1.Probiotics – gut health is life health.

Everyone should be increasing their gut health. Its more than just for digestive problems, its our body’s ability to fight illness, brain health and more! I choose Genestra, which is a professional grade brand I carry in my office.

2.Omega 3’s –

The more inflammation taming the better, and this is what an omega 3 fatty acid will do. Support overall health and cell repair including brain support. Krill oil might be your best bet!

3. Vitamin D3

Here comes the sun. Or so we hope. Until then, we can all safely say that a Vitamin D3 would be your best bet.

4. WithinUs Trumarine Collagen

No surprises here. This was the supplement that made me believe in supplements working. You know, you take and take, and see no result (often it is still working btw) But with this formula, I saw so many results, and it was transformational for me.

5. Mushroom Complex

We could all do for a dose of the fungi. Mushroom superfoods are just. starting to be the mainstream “it” supplement of the moment. This is immune boosting, disease preventing in a nutshell. I use two types currently Genestra’s Mushroom Complex, and Sun Potions Reishi but which I bring in to my office for clients. Its a powerful 1,2

6. Turmeric

Turmeric is having its moment and it certainly makes sense it should be. One of the most potent anti inflammatories on the planet that is natural. Eating this food raw, juiced, or in supplement will do a body good. When I am feeling like I am pushing the limits a bit too far, I add in Curapro which is a high strength compound blend of turmeric in a capsule. Its a miracle worker.

7. Magnesium

All day every day. Magnesium is our stress fighter, quite literally, it’s often referred to as the relax mineral. We all are very safe to say, deficient in magnesium. Getting some health support can be beneficial when you are really feeling the stress or are not sleeping, or just as maintenance, I personally take it twice daily everyday in the form of Magnesium Glycinate. I choose Bennett Choice Magnesium currently which is a great local product that I carry.


I could go on and on with what makes sense and why, and this is where as the boss of your own body (BYOB) you get to decide how you want to tinker. And thats the fun part. Once you reach a certain level of health.


word to the wise, quality over quantity. You want to make sure that what you are getting is in there. Just because it’s a natural product does not mean that there are not fillers, chemicals, colouring etc. So do your research and invest in your health. You do not need a treasure chest of vitamins to feel result. They just have to work for you, and even just 2 of the above is a good start.

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