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I first read Eckhart Tolle’s book, The Power Of Now, close to 10 years ago. I recall how it hugely improved upon barriers in my life that I was facing at that time. They were not profound in nature, but I knew that what I was able to put into play, worked, and was in line with where I wanted to be. Cut to…

Last October in the midst of survival, I picked up his book again and I read it. I read it over and over and over, and then again. In fact I still have it on my bedside. (me and Oprah have this in common) I kept it in rotation as my teaching, my guidance, something to clutch when I didn’t know where else to clutch. I needed something to clutch. I took it with me. Walking, bathing, working, driving. If I needed it, it was there. The very complexity living in the now, what a dichotomy. We have gotten so far into the past or the future that we feel we cannot even tolerate this present moment. SO we relearn. We rebuild, think and pause. Even in chaos, it is all that there is, the moment. I can and will go on about this for hours if I could. I am still learning, still trying to get waist deep in that sweet spot.

So, I can’t say I needed this to happen last week, but if the stars were aligned, it sure was a sign to me that I would have loved to receive. I got to do something that not many people ever get the chance to do, and that was, meet one of my hero’s. And not only did I meet him but in the divine presence of the powerful now that is what he has built his foundation in helping so many, spontaneity, presence, acceptance, and all the gifts that flow through that.

You see, I’m lucky. My neighbour and Friend, Karolina Turek (incredible photographer), she thought of me. She was hired to photograph Eckhart and his wife Kim. I’m not certain we had ever even talked about Eckhart before, a mutual friend certainly. But for whatever reason, she thought of me, and extended to me the opportunity that led me to meeting, hugging, and being totally star struck in the realest sense.

Oh So now comes the humour. Yes, there is always humour in the present moment. SO… when Karo called, she said, why don’t you whip something up for him. Of course! I must! What a great idea! I work through healing with food now, its my part of gift back. Perfect, ok so my brain went into full beast mode. What would I make, what does he eat? what does he want to eat? Will it make him sick? I can’t think, I can’t think. What if he fasts, what if he thinks its too indulgent, or not indulgent enough….bahhhhhh. Clearly, this is not what E.T. would have wanted… I can assure you. So I gave myself a pep talk and opened the fridge and I took two ingredients out that I felt captured his spirit… Lemon the bright light. And Blueberries..the super food. Almost naturally, the recipe which I free formed just flowed through me. I know this sounds whack, but its the truth. Little tweaks, but I was onto something. And they were effing INCREDIBLE. BRIGHT and NOURISHING. All the things I could want. OK, so those go in the freezer. Now I wait…. tick tock tick tock tick tock… oh yeah, put on deoderant. Scribble a note, be still. Tick tock tick tock. Stick finger in the freezer, just mush. Waist deep in mush, not enlightenment.Ok ok, don’t worry there is still time. Knock Knock Knock…. and there he was. E.T. Yup… more reasons to love him, his initials. K, so in him came, with a bevy of beauties along. Seriously. Guys, maybe if you took some tips on the namaste you might get to hang around a gaggle of the hottest 😉 I digress. So we chatted.

Oh no wait…. I missed a step

Knock knock knock, I calmly open, yes by this time I was able to gain composure in the moment, unfortunately Mary Jane was not quite the same. Out the door bolts my crazy 110lbs killer dog who has it out for the neighbours chihuahua behind the closed door. She lunged out, foaming at the mouth, causing a scene, and taking names. This bitch was on a mish. “Oh yes, high Mr.Tolle. I swear she’s actually very very nice” as i crouched down probably far too low for my shorts as i tried to get my fur tyrant under control. “She is just verrrry… reactive.” I don’t know what he said but I grabbed her by her scruff, more a pinch and finally got her back inside. I gave her one of those looks I’ve seen desperate mothers at their last wits end give, that said, not today kid. Not on my watch.

Ok, so enter the gaggle. Pleasantries exchanged. I had nothing at all clever, nor interesting or profound to say. I was thunderstruck. BTW, the only person who has ever done this to me is Jay Z. I have a variety of hero’s but those two, well I throw my diamonds in the air.

So as photo shoot continued on my deck, I got the chance to chat, to express a little of what I couldn’t help but share, and actually the beautiful thing is, I think I was helping make him comfortable too. I at least hope so. You know, we hold these people so high and yet rarely think about how vulnerable these situations are for them. Everyone looking, trying to please, strangers. etc. He is light, and he shines it. And my friend got to capture that magic. He extended a finger out to the sea, but to me it was an ouch. Like E.T. fixing a wound across the waters with that glowing e.t. finger ouchhh. Sigh, what a day.

My lemon, coconut blueberry bars never did set in time, after all that fuss. Which is always the lesson in life. Make use of the now, because you really cannot predict the outcome. MJ (my dog) and Eckhart hugged it out and made peace. It was ridiculously charming and I wanted to photograph it so badlyyyyy! I was hoping some of his magic would rub off on her. It didn’t. And I was able to hand off a letter that does little to acknowledge my faith and thanks in him helping so many, including myself.

So he never got to enjoy these, but made with the spirit that is him, lets NOW eat some delicious enLIGHTend Lemon Blueberry Coconut Bars, and give thanks to this moment.

oh and…. he placed a coffee cup on my fireplace outside. Yeah, its still there. cause right now, i’m gonna fan girl for a second until i realize thats nasty and get rid of it.


raw, vegan, gluten free, refined sugar free



2 cups Shredded coconut

1 cup Almonds

7 pitted Dates

1/2 cup Coconut oil

1 cup Gfree Oats

2 tsp Vanilla Extract

1 Tbls Lemon juice

zest of half a Lemon

himalayan salt


2 blocks of Soft Tofu

10 pitted Dates

1 cup shredded Coconut

1/2 cup melted Coconut Oil

1/4 cup Maple Syrup

2 cups Blueberries

2 tsp Lemon juice

1 tsp Vanilla extract


1 cup Blueberries

zest of half a Lemon

Shredded Coconut


Let me start off by saying, this crust is dope. Like you can use it for the base of so many oh so good recipes in your future. Me thinks I will

You can form these bars any which way you like. In a cupcake tin, square pan, etc. I used a 12×12 inch pan lined with parchment. You could even do it in a round and slice it like a cake


In your high speed vitamix or blender, combine all ingredients together. You will have to use the tamper device to get it all incorporated. Once nicely combined, take a test and add in a few twists of himalayan salt.

Place dough in pan and spread evenly with the heel of your hand. Place in freezer to set for a few minutes while you make the filling


Start by draining and weighting your tofu. Basically just applying enough pressure that you release any extra moisture that could be lurking. Place in Blender.

Add in all your ingredients except the Blueberries and blend on high until velvety smooth.

Add in your 2 cups of blueberries until blended in smooth and you have a beautiful violet colour.

Remover your crust from the freezer and pour and spread your mixture atop of the crust. You may have more filling than you want for the bars, and in that case…i say eat out of the blender. Or save in glasses and eat as a beautiful pudding topped with berried. Either way a winner.

To finish, top your bars with as many blueberries as you like I used between a half and full cup, a sprinkling of shredded coconut, and some beautiful zests of your lemon.

Place in freezer and allow to set… nice and firm at least 4 hours, I just leave them overnight.

You can either eat staright out of the freezer ice box style, or take them out and place them in the fridge and let them rest until they get a beautiful mousse consistency. They make quite a few so you can do both until they are devoured. The gift that keeps on giving.

He extended a finger out to the sea, but to me it was an ouch. Like E.T. fixing a wound across the waters with that glowing e.t. finger ouchhh. Sigh, what a day.


  • Amy Stigter says:

    WOW!!! What an incredible and indelible experience to meet the man behind the great message and consciousness movement of our time! And, what incredible writing once again! My heart is literally beating out of my chest with the excitement of your moments up to and with ET. And OH, those enLIGHTend Lemon Blueberry Coconut Bars!!! Those are so happening in my kitchen this weekend! Thanks again for your beautiful spirit and out-of-this-world writing ability and master vegan chef chops! You truly have a divine gift–your journey gives hope, inspiration and faith to all of us who are on the healing road. xo Amy

    • katehorsman says:

      I hope they did happen, and if they didn’t, well we’ll just have to have a treat date. Thank you for so much support and love. Honestly, it means so very much to me and I’m kind of at a loss sometimes that people are willing to listen to my words at all. Thank you beautiful, for being you and being a friend ??

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