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Kate (she/her), is a Nature Based Holistic Therapist, an integrative practice which has merges her education and work as a Counsellor, Nutritionist, Mindfulness leader and now a Breathwork Facilitator & Integrative Healer in Vancouver, BC Canada, the sacred and ancestral and traditional lands of the Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh and Musqueam Nations.

Kate is passionate about supporting individuals through brave conversations, practices and experiences that facilitate a reconnection and reclamation of self and soul, using integrative methods to cultivate agency and healing. Foundational to this heart opening work, is curiosity and compassion.

Kate’s education is vast but what she holds foundational, is a diverse ecosystem of multiple modalities in an approaching the healing work. Her schooling has brought her to Nutrition,  Professional Counselling (VCCT) Mindfulness (MBSR) and Plant based science (eCornell) melding the bridge between the mind/body connection which lends to some of her specialization in Eating Disorders, Mental Illness, and the issues that arise from these significant challenges.

More recently, Kate has spent the last 3-4 years studying transformative Ancestral and Alternative healing. Some of what Kate now is so excited to offer in her  practice…. Breathwork, Energy Medicine which are fast becoming tools for deep remembrance. This area has generated interest as it allows for creativity and self empowered tools that support a holistic view of those who she works with and a reconnection to the soul piece, so often left out of the healing conversations.

Her training may be diverse but not nearly as extensive as the life she attributes for both finding her purpose, successes and healing herself. She credits a dynamic life of challenges and triumphs, sorrows and griefs that has lead her to a depth of understanding that engages clients in creative, compassionate change.

Kate continues to challenge her mind by educating herself in comprehensive and holistic tools that honour the varying experiences we enter into the work with and support how we hold what is there. No two people are alike, and being able to offer a comprehensive and unique approach to wellness is something that she sees integral in supporting the day to day lives of her clients.

Kate works in her Private Practice in Vancouver, BC with her one on one clients. More of this work is happening in and amongst nature which has been a beautiful co-facilitator for both Kate and her clients.

In her spare time, she has worked with organizations such as lululemon, Aritzia, Microsoft and many more on their Health and Wholeness programs as well as non for profit and philanthropy work such as with organizations such as Face of Today, providing services to those with limited access to support.

Above all these things, and perhaps just as important, Kate is a avid animal lover, advocate and spends most of her free time in nature as well as in ceremony with the land. She is passionate about food and plants, the planet, as well as design and art.

Who Does Kate work with?

Kate works with a variety of clients from private practice online, to corporate and workshop/retreat. She specializes in Women’s Health, Body Image/Eating Disorders, Mental Health, and Intuitive Healthcare.

Some of Kate’s Education includes: 

Professional Counselor –Specialized Training in Eating Disorders/VCCT

Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

Cornell Plant Based Studies

Herbal Pharmacology IHN

Raw Plant Based Chef 

MBSR – Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

The Four Winds Society – Energy Medicine

Lara Elliot – Reiki 

Power of Awareness with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach

Kate is also a lululemon ambassador bringing her knowledge of mind and nutrition to the community. In addition to ongoing education, Kate has worked with many notable companies.

Please inquire through email if you are looking to bring Kate into your space to support your business

Cadillac Fairview
Native Shoes
University of Fraser Valley 
and many more 

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