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Private Practice

Supporting healing and wholeness
in authentic and creative ways

I look forward to supporting you with my Nature Based Holistic Therapy Practice.

My work and different services are soulfully supported ways of working with the material of our lives. Some of the issues that people seek support from me are: Eating Disorders, Body Image, Anxiety/Depression, Grief, Embodiment and learning to live a Soulful lead life.

I also present as a speaker and facilitator and would be happy to connect with you or your business on these partnerships should they align. For these inquiries, Please feel free to contact kate@katehorsman.com.


Kate works and operates humbly on the Ancestral Territories of the Squamish, the Musqueam, and the Tsliel Waututh Peoples otherwise referred to as Vancouver BC Canada

Nature Based Holistic Therapy $225

This unique Nature based practice, integrates the many modalities in Kate’s repertoire that may hold you along your journey home.

This work and these sessions were previously called ‘Integrative Sessions’ however in spending more time refining the practice and what it contains, it became so clear to Kate that the through line of this work, the years of study and in practice with exceptional humans, was Nature.

Nature in the type of modalities, nature in the coming back to who we are.  

This container holds the offering of heart & soul centred conversation and support as in more traditional counselling practices, alongside the possibility and proximity of other therapeutics entering including holistic nutrition, herbalism, breathwork, ceremony and energy medicines.   

What is also does is allow the opportunity for local clients, to bring this work outside and into nature when or if accessible and with planning! In this way, there is a third participant of support in our work which is nature. When this is limited to weather or scheduling, we find nature in the comforts of our home and the technologies that can connect us. 

For clients abroad, we too can manage ways to access these conversation outside in our own abilities, over the phone and on zoom and or hold strong the relationship between this work and nature still. 

To be added to the waitlist of this work, please email Kate directly at kate@katehorsman.com


Ceremony & Ritual w/Kate 

Ceremony is an offering that is deeply attuned to all of Kate’s work but offers it out in the space beyond form.

Both ritual and ceremony, when applied and created with intention and honour defies the need for anything to be different, but celebrates the immensity of all that is. It connects us to to something, maybe even everything and it is what this time is asking of us. To sit in circle, to be witnessed and to witness, to unfold to beauty and becoming.

Ceremony can be especially important through transitional spaces of healing, celebration, loss or birth, of the many varying ways. It can be a seasonal expression or something intuition taps us on the shoulders with.

Kate works to create variety of ceremony and ritual space based on the unique needs of those coming forward, be this a singular individual or small group.

This work, is that of soul.

To inquire about creating ceremony and ritual for what you are holding and working with, contact Kate directly at Kate@katehorsman.com

1:1 Breathwork Sessions $205 (cad) 75 Minutes

This active Breathwork session is a deeply therapeutic and transformational practice to support the expression and release of emotion and energy within the body and nervous system. The Breath in session allows for a greater connection towards our personal self healing possibilities and soulful connection.

It is by and far, one of the most valuable tools practiced in supporting the deepening of our self healing capacities and find self love, connection, clarity and expansion. It can be used in combination with all the other work you may be doing, and in fact, support you further in those efforts.

Kate wrote a blog here to expand more upon what you may be asking of this experience

We know that introspection, although powerful, can keep us in thought. Breath will bring us back to what it was always meant to do, show us our life. 
The 75 minutes we spend together in these healing sessions, support and include:
* heart connection – you sharing, what feels important to share
* the active breath guided and supported by Kate
* healing tools and supports during the practice
* integration time at the end
There is no way to explain the breath until we allow ourselves to experience it. I look forward to doing so alongside you.Please email Kate directly as she offers only a few Breathwork sessions a month kate@katehorsman.com
*Sessions primarily take place over Zoom to accommodate sessions from those in all the places.
Nourish $225

Nourish is a chance to connect with Kate in direct relationship to healing with food, body and nature.

What makes this session a bit different than Kate’s other sessions is that it places itself in the direct invitation with that which nourishes, our connection to food. We are bringing the focus directly upon food, plants and the wisdom of the body.

Although Nourish is a part of some of what Kate’s primary practice of nature based holistic therapy offers, this hour together may be helpful for you if you are hoping for more specific support in how it relates to food. Although emotional and spiritual elements are etches into this work, this session might be for you is you are wanting your primary focus to be….

  • Intuitive Eating
  • Mindful Eating
  • Plant, Herbal and Nutrient Supplementation and medicine
  • Creating Beauty with food.
  • Mental health connected to nutrition
  • And building habits the support a recovering body and mind through a holistic lens


****This is not the primary offering for Kate and her schedule however she makes room a few times a month where possible, to honour the origins for this work that she loves it so much. If this feels like where you fit, please email Kate at kate@katehorsman.com to inquire about availabilities.

Online Programs

Check out The Homecoming 

Corporate Work & Speaking Engagements

I have worked with many businesses locally and abroad to work wellness and healing into the workplace. From Nutrition to Mindfulness and a lot in between. Some of my clients have included Aritzia, Microsoft, Whistler, Lululemon, Film and TV Productions and more. I love connecting to community and speaking of ways to bring health and wellness into our lives through personal and professional storytelling and speaking.

Please be in touch if you are interested in having me speak at your event.

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