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Everyone has been in a tizzy these days, because our beloved, can do everything and still taste delicious oil, has been under hot debate. From cleansing, weight loss, healing and more, it seemed that coconut oil could really do it all.

I wanted to get some cold hard facts your way to either make you think, or be able to debunk what you are hearing plain and simple.

So Whats the Skinny?

  • The American Heart Association presented this information

Right here we have a bias folks. This is the same company, yes it is a company, that is in bed with Dairy and Beef and is partners with them in their programming. If no other evidence is compelling…this right here should be enough. This is the same company that suggests using heart healthy “margarins” as a healthy choice. Something to keep in mind. Just check out their recipes for suggested healthy eating. It’ll be enough to turn you off.

  • It is higher in saturated fat than lard, beef etc.

Again keep in mind the above statement. But this information is not new. Yes it is a saturated fat, but a special on that contains what are called MCT’s that have actually been researched to slow down the development of arteriosclerosis and obesity which are the two main factors for a cardiac event. Not all saturated fat is equal and in moderation can be a great source, especially when making a choice between everything else out there.

  • It has no added health benefits

So the truth is out there…and its 50 years old. Yes, some of the research that was presented by the AHA was over 50 years old!!! Lets get with the times and be transparent. This saturated fat has now been shown to be Antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal. These are some qualities that most, if not all other oils are void of.

  • It can be harmful to brain health

I actually do not even know where this one came from, as including beautiful quality fats both omega 3’s and 6’s in moderation are being studied right now for their ability to aid in the healing properties of the mind. Our brain is made of up to 70% of fat people. We need to feed it. Some of the most revolutionary diet benefits for diseases like epilepsy, and even autism and more have been shown to be more effective than medical interventions.

A few other facts

  • Coconut oil is a thermogenic. What does this mean? It potentially has the ability to speed up your metabolism and assist with weight loss. The very thing that makes it more heart healthy.
  • Did you know that up to 80% of your cholesterol is made in your body. Food for thought.
  • MCT in coconut oil is proven beneficial in vital skin and nail health

I could go on, but I think the basics of what we need to know are here. Is it a saturated fat, yes, and anytime we are looking at our diet we always should think of moderation. But this “news” that has been splashed everywhere carries a lot more hype than hard facts, and in fact feels a bit like bullying people into not taking control and empowerment of the choices they are making.


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