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Going back to Maui in the place I am in my life and still having that connection, even more so considering my field of work, feels like a blessing. I can’t wait for more, theres something to explore there. And until then, I will share with you some of my favourite spots for food, drink, and merry… Aloha

Mana Foods – this is your Whole Foods in hippy ville. You will get all the goods of whole foods but more and with authenticity here. The direct local influence and specialty feels is a thing of dreams. Could spend 100’s of dollars there, and while i almost did at 10$ on a mango, it was the best 10 dollars ever spent.

Choice Health Bar – This is in Lahaina and is my one of my favourite options for plant based and mostly raw option on any vacation I’ve ever visited! Epic Acai bowls, smoothies, shots, etc. Be sure to order the cookie monster smoothie and BLT sushi… and raw treats and bars, sushi and salads. Worthy of an everyday visit

A’a Roots- This is a freshly opened spot in Napili Market. All vegan all the time. Smoothies, Bowls, Soups, and salads. And stock up on your maui kefir here! Oh and your ulu hummus! The best!!

Maui Kombucha – This is an honest planet based little nugget in the sweet town of Haiku. Maui Kombucha has got it going on. Taco’s, nachos, raw bagels and nut cheese. A great selection of your plant based desires and kombucha dreams in a humble little spot. Pro tip… get it to go! then go hang out at Ho ‘Okipa beach and watch the sea turtles swim to shore every evening around 5pm

Maui Coconut Kefir – This company has got it going on. and by on I mean heavy into that probiotic life.Kefir water, and coconut kefir yogurt. The taste is so unique, and I don’t think I need to probably tell you, utterly unique. Tangy, refreshing, fizzy and so offing healthy for you. I even was known to make it into a cocktail. I mean why not…it is a vacation. I am craving this still!!!

Maui Ulu Hummus – Adored this. Ok, so breadfruit otherwise known as ulu, is a local fruit similar lets say… to jackfruit but perhaps starchier. You can find it in many local dishes and recipes or try it as my favourite, in this local hummus in which chickpeas are replaced with Ulu. So delicious.

Aloha Raw Foods – did I mention that maui has a heavy probiotic and prebiotic game? Well it does. I met Den at the local farmers market near Napili Market and his products are the REAL DEAL. Fermented kraut mustards that include superfoods, local ingredients and a kick that cannot be beat. Me and Dan spent a good buck on these and brought a few extra home. Oh and he also makes Mauinaise out of macadamia nuts!

Noni Juice – Noni is known as one of the sacred plants of Maui. One of the eldest of fruits to bear growth through the lava rocks was the noni. Known as a Hawaiian cure all none juice may not have the most appealing taste, however i believes has a good thing going on. Try it in a health shot at Choice Health bar and then treat yourself to something tastier afterwards.

Lumeria – Although I didn’t have a chance to check out this beautiful B & B, it is next on the list and so in line with the magic I am talking about in Maui. Farm to Table dinners created daily.

Mangos, Coconut, – Eat local. In case you needed a reminder, eating locally is such a fulfilling way of being and when you see the care that goes into the land and the fruits that it bears, well you get it. SO buy in. Stop at the roadsides or but the fresh fruits in the market. I have never eaten more local fruits in my life and I’m so grateful for that and yes, they do taste better. That Hawaiian soil has something good going on.

Feast at Lele – If you are looking for a Luau that offers some non traditional rituals aka the pig, this one is your best bet. The Feast at Lele in Lahaina accommodates a vegan diet! Even a celiac vegan like myself!

Coconut Glen’s Vegan Ice cream – If you are on the road to Hana, your best pit stop is a hut where you can find Vegan Ice cream. I mean, really?! Beautiful natural foods infused with superfood flavours and its vegan?! Ya. A good thing

Ho’okipa – In between Paia town and Haiku is one of my favourite beaches. Mostly because of the turtles that visit every night around sunset. These giant pre historic animals just out there for all to see. Pack a picnic and watch the sun set. In the parking lot there are many awesome food vendors. Smoothie and Juice trucks, and fresh coconut to drink. My perfect afternoon… drive to Maui Kombucha, order some food to go, take a quick drive to ho ‘okipa and grab a coconut to drink and sit on your seats in the sand and watch nature do its thing.

The backside of Hana – The road to Hana is always a must, unless you get carsick, however, what is often not talked about though I would highly encourage is the backside of Hana. Often discouraged because of a precarious terrain, it is well worth any reservations you may have. Finish road to Hana by 2-3pm to watch the sun set as you sneak along the back side of the island. Magical. During the first half of the travelled Hana, choose your pit stops. It’s all beautiful but I highly recommend the garden of Eden for sweet vantage points and photos. 

Animal Sanctuary – I only found out about some sanctuaries on my last days, so it was not in the cards to make a visit,however it certainly will be when I go back, which will hopefully be very very soon.

Honoloa Bay Trail – Right close to Honoloa bay break sits this beautiful little trail (short) that has some magical forestry. It absolutely feels like avatar. I recommend packing a picnic and heading the trail to the end or grabbing food from the local food truck that is housed close to the entrance. Magical

Find a Kahuna – Maui is famous for healers and bodywork. You may be pointed in the direction of local healers by asking around and it could be the best thing you have ever done.

Haleakala – The volcano! Sunset or Sunrise, it’s a magical thing to do, even if it is overcast… I mean when was the last time you drove up a volcano, am I right?

Lavender Farms – In Kula, you can find many amazing farms and cool upcountry spots. There is a lavender farm there. And

although the blooms were not out in all force, there was idea of how magnificent it would be when they are. A lovely little gift shop too with delicious lavender things if you were not Zen enough.

Part of me thinks about hosting a retreat in Maui. What do you guys thing? It is everything that home feels to me. It is love, it is health, it is warm and it is raw, stay tuned, you never know… until then Imma go back and visit

Peace love and Maui Jane


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