Supernutra: Glow Serum


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Partial Proceeds of this product are benefiting the Black & Indigenous Care Fund to provide Self Care, in all its forms, within our community for folks on the frontlines.


This spirited face serum has been one that Kate has personally used and perfected over the past 4 years.

After shifting to homemade, and more ethical cosmetic choices, Kate struggled to find a moisturizing serum that deepened her skin health and connected her to her mindfulness and spiritual practices.

The notes of aromatherapy chosen to compliment the Organic Oils chosen work in harmony and synergy of both the needs of the skin, and the heart.Merging together Rose, Clary Sage, a touch of sustainably harvested Palo Santo and Blue Tansy to lower inflammation and soothe redness and irritation,  Supernutra envelops the senses, the heart, and creates a protection of skin and spirit.

All products have been charged with intention and healing frequency.


  • SKIN TYPE: Suitable for all skin types, especially acne prone, which is Kate.
  • SUGGESTED USE:Drop 3-6 drops in hand, rub together, and take a moment to breathe in aromas. Apply to freshly cleansed skin by patting in, or in circular motions. This serum is ideal for day or evening use.
  • INGREDIENTS: of *Tamanu Oil *Jojoba Oil* Rose Essential Oil* Clary Sage* Palo Santo blue tansy, and *magic (*denotes organic)

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