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Pink Almond Butter Cups – Spud Happy Heart

As a child, I often looked forward to Valentines, maybe it was because it was right by my birthday, but mostly it was because my mom would always go out of her way to make us feel special and loved on valentines. Pink candies, red hearts and all that comes with it. You see she has a big heart. As…
March 3, 2017

my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

I love a national food holiday just like the next person, seriously who came up with this stuff?! but when I saw national vanilla milkshake day coming up, I thought, bam, lets combine a few of my favourites, Vanilla (i was either a bubble gum or vanilla ice cream kind of gal), Shakes, and well...Kelis. Oh how my marriage to…
June 20, 2016